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Any ideas for fatigue

I need some help with fatigue from fibro.  I am finding it hard to function. Getting up to go to the bathroom feels like too much even.
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Hi DaisyMae.

You are still a young woman!!! Do not forget this.
Your undiagnosed condition may have kept you "down and under", however, you can still do so many things to improve and lead a healthier life.

If your thyroid function is low, even if you had thyroidectomy, you need to
take care of it. You are going to feel fatigue and low energy levels among other symptoms.
One way to verify this is by doing Dr. Barnes basal temperature test
(I think I mentioned this to you in another post I replied to recently). Just do a search for this test.
The other possibility when your basal temperature is below normal (just follow the simple instructions precisely), is  low adrenal function with low thyroid function secondary.

Another suggestion is to cut out grains, sugars and dairy if possible.
Carbohydrates feed fungal (yeast) organisms, which in turn fuels tartaric acid production.
Tartaric acid toxicity has been implicated in the damage of muscle tissue
and has been associated with many serious conditions as a co-factor, like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBD, autism, colitis, alzheimer's etc.

Tartaric acid is a malic acid antagonist, which means  that it takes the place of malic acid, a very vital compound for the Krebs cycle ( metabolic
process to convert food into energy/ over- simplified explanation).
Best source for malic acid is raw & unfiltered  organic apple cider vinegar.

So as difficult as it may seem, such a diet may make a world of difference
in many sufferers in similar situations like yours.
Well worth a try, to my opinion, but it must be strict and even if positive results are experienced early on, the effects of gluten, carbs and yeast organisms can linger in the body for a very long time.

Coconut oil is a great antifungal agent and its continued use, will provide protection from re-growth of yeast, which could be hiding in recesses
of the gut and evading any treatment by antifungal drugs.
One tablespoon daily for the 1st week and increase by 1T each week, until
4T daily is reached in week 4.
7-8 T daily is therapeutic dose.

There are other suggestions at a thread I started a while back here under the title "IWILLDOTHIS", if you wish to do a search.

Best wishes
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Sorry , I mentioned undiagnosed condition, I don't know where my mind was at the time,lol! Please ignore the "undiagnosed" part.

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   Hello Daisy,    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago.  (think I had it since I was about 14, tho).   I have found that taking Essiac in capsule form every day has helped me with the fatigue and pain of Fibro'.  
    I also take MSM to help with the joint pain.   A lot of our fatigue comes from being in constant pain.  It can be quite depressing.
     Light moderate exercise - walk away from the house for one minute then back the first week then increase by one minute every week will help to strengthen your muscles.  don't overdo it!!  If you feel pain, stop.  Walking or swimming are best for Fibro' as they do not put too much strain on any set of muscles.
     If you can, get your doctor to prescribe physical therapy in a heated pool.  Those exercises are very mild and also build up energy in a Fibro' ravaged body.
      I hope this information was helpful.
Wishing you the best
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Dear Light,
I always have a low basal temperature and I've had blood tests for my thyroid, comprehensive ones, and I'm always told they are in "normal" range. I have often wondered if "normal range" is really normal for everyone.

I have all the symptoms of fibro/chronic fatigue and of course nothing helps.
I tried the norco, and now oxy is suggested, and no, I refuse to go that route. I see how that stuff works and I don't believe it addresses the kind of pain that goes with fibro (whatever it is from). I can't believe the number of people who insist they function well on opiates.

What are your thoughts on finding out if it is adrenals? How does that work?   And the thyroid tests? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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hi daisy, I have found help for the extreme fatigue by using a whey protein shake regimen two times daily. I get biologix all natural, gluten-free whey protein from walgreens and mix with low fat milk, (or you could use something non-dairy), and I mix in a whole foods blend I get from sam's club, also all natural. the two together have made all the difference in my energy level. I could not put one foot in front of other. of course, when I am in a flare, I still have pain
and stiffness, but the fatigue is much, much better. I also sometimes put in flax seed, and plain yogurt or a banana. this has worked well for me as I work in a job where I can't stop and eat lunch. so I use a shake for breakfast and one for a quick lunch. I guess on the cellular level, we do not aborb protein well, or something like that. all I know is, it works.
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