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Anyone experience vertigo?

Hi all, I am new to the forum. Glad to find it. I am experiencing mild vertigo. I had tests, and it seems to "sort of " indicate menieres disease. I just wonder if others ever have this rocking boat feeling?  I am so much like everyone in many ways at least this is a comfort on bad days. Marystar
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yes, I have vertigo. I am sure it is somehow related to fibro. It really is scary at times. I thought it was related to swimming until I had it in the winter months when I wasn't swimming.
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Oh Wow! I have had that rocking boat feeling for almost two years now....It *****!! I have fibromylalgia and am wondering if that is what is causing it. I went to an ear, nose and throat guy and he checked me out thoroughly and said that I'm ultra sensitive to motion. I have never experianced anything like this. I have had fibro since I was 23 and I'm now 41. This feeling is awful! The only thing that seems to relieve it a bit is taking an ativan every day so that's what I do. I have an anxiety disorder and it seems the more I think about the vertigo the worse it is. Hope that helps anyone...I know it helps me knowing that other people are struggling with this too. let me know your comments please or solutions to this problem. Thanks!
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You might try some mindfulness meditation.  It won't get rid of the vertigo but it will help break the cycle of the vertigo feeding on the anxiety which then feeds on the worsening vertigo.  I used to have panic attacks a lot (pre-fibro) and I was afraid they would come back with all that is going on now but I find this really helps.
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I have had the vertigo too.  Of course they never know why but I too assume it is part of fibro.  I got a prescription for the drug Serc and it helped immensely - just need to take it until the flare is done.
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