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Anyone have experience with buprenorphine for pain management

Hi,I'm a 37 year old female recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and I also have bulging discs in my neck and lower back. My pcp was prescribing me 120 10mg hydrocodone tablets/month for 14 months when she suddenly decided I needed to see pain management which I have currently been at for 3 months. Yesterday I went in to have my 2nd round of injections on my neck and without warning my dr changed my medicine from the 90 10mg hydrocodone per month to Buprenorphine 5mcg transdermal patches 1 per week for 30 days. I'm extremely nervous that this is not going to help me a d a little shell shocked to say the least. I know over the past year and a half I have developed somewhat of a tolerance for the hydrocodone so how is this new .medicine going to affect me? Am I going to go through the nasty opiate withdrawls that I've experienced before when running myself short a month here and there? I'm just nervous because I have two small daughters and they are very active little girls and I dont want to be the kind of mom who is in bed all the time. My pain is 100% legitimate. Any advice or personal experience is greatly appreciated!
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This is such a hard situation when you have chronic pain.  And you have young kids!  I'm a mom too and it is very active and busy.  You want to be your best self for the kids, I totally get it!  I'm right there with you.  

So, you have to get through the withdrawals first. And once you do that, it will get better.  So, be kind to yourself for this next bit.

The medication they prescribed you though shouldn't cause too much withdrawal as it is also an opiate. It is Suboxone (however, suboxone has an additional med added to it that blocks the affect of opiates).  Have you heard of that?  This is often given to people who are addicted and want to get 'clean' and also for those with a chronic moderate pain condition.  That sounds like you, right?  This could be a good thing if you are able to make the switch and the just maintain with the suboxone!  It's an alternative.  It will not cause the euphoric feeling so you will perhaps function even better with your daughters!  I know you probably didn't really have that feeling much anymore any way.  But this just works on the pain.

I'd try to make the change and see how it goes.  Let me know how you are doing!!  hugs
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Here's a couple of links for you too https://www.rxlist.com/buprenex-drug.htm#description.  And because fibromyalgia is such a beast to deal with, do you do any of the other things that might help?  It's time to start if not.  If you have insurance coverage, a physical therapist is excellent. A chiropractor may help too but be careful of the back disks.  Other things like yoga can be great, eating well and getting proper sleep.  Heres so me basic info https://www.webmd.com/fibromyalgia/understanding-fibromyalgia-treatment#1

I have a YMCA close to me with lots of different things that help like yoga classes that are cheap and youtube has many.  good luck sweetie
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