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Anyone have lesions with Fibro

Any of you have lesions on the brain or spine? Or both?
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I know that lesions in the brain (via MRI) are often seen in CFS patients:

Cranial MRI will show small T2 weighted high intensity lesions in 80% of cases" ---- Dr. Charles Lapp

source: http://www.cfstreatment.info/for_your_doctor.htm

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Is it common to have a lesion with fibro?
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No it is not.  Tests usually come back normal with fibro.  This is how the diagnosis is made by exclusion of other disorders like MS, which can cause lesions.  I have all sorts of neuro symptoms and thought it was MS but all my neuro tests, MRI's, spinal tap etc... were normal.
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I have CFS and fibro and have lesions on my brain. I was just recently diagnosed after a year of nearly every imaginable test. I don't know if the lesions are a result of the CFS or the fibro, as I'm still learning a lot about all of this.
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Lesions can come from miny things in the brain from getting into older age, headaches, ms and so much more and without the proper testing it can be a real trying thing to be going though that can and dose last for years, but some do get dx faster then most and leave us in the land of the unknowen with test aftre test that come back neg. but yet we still are having problems.

  Even I have been told that I may have MS with all my neruo proplems from my neruo but not my doc as he put it as cfs/ fibro but my neruo is now doing more and more testing for ms and I know that a lot of you are looking into ms and other posabilates (sp) as have I but yet I have other things going on that do not match with cfs/fibro alone but please feel free to check out the ms forum and I hope that it will help you

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