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Anyone taking Topamax along with these meds??

Hello, I'm on my 4th day of 25mg of Topamax for fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis pain. In 3 more days I'll go up  25 mg more. I'm getting what seems to be the normal side effects: dizzy, unmotivated, insomnia, jelly like legs(have to walk slowly), also feels like weights are weighing down my arms, heart racing (not to bad), fuzziness in head,thinking much slower, I hear a lot of people talking about not having much of an appetite, and I feel like I'm having more of an appetite. I am trying to watch my snacking and I'm definitely increasing my water intake. Im also taking Zoloft 100mg for depression, 25mg phenagen 3 x a day for nausea, 4mg tizanidine 3 x a day for muscle relaxer, 50mg of cymbalta for pain, 10/325 percocet 3 x a day for pain. I know this seems like a lot of medications, I was actually on a lot more narcotic medications until my insurance changed and I had to go to a new pain management doctor and he's trying to lower my nacrotic pain medicines, so he put me on Cmybalta, tizanidine,and now trying Topamax. Anyhoo, are of you on these similar medications? And if you are are you having similar time side effects? If you did how long did they take for them to go away? Or did they! Was you able to sleep? Was you able to lose any weight? I hope that if your taking Topamax it will work for you!!  Any comments will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!
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