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Can I talk to anyone about my M.E?
maybe have them relate?
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Hi, Sweetie,
They're mostly from US on this site and call it CFS. Talk away, my friend, I hope you are not as young as you look on that picture. It's bad enough when you get this thing in the first place without missing out on such a lot of stuff so young. Talk to me with pleasure. My ears are waiting!x
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2 of my sisters and I have this.  We deal with 'flare ups' by taking small naps- only when absolutely necessary and trying to stay active.  Intense exercise will wipe us out for days, but staying active helps.  Swimming and Yoga help me, but not too intense.  Diet is key for me.  I avoid aspertame and limit caffeine.  I try to eat healthy- fruits and veggies and healthy fats and protein.  I have also started taking glucosamine and condroiten (spelling?)  This helps my joint, but does not eliminate it.  If you have any questions, I will do the best that I can to answer.  The key about ME (CFS) is that there are similarities, but each person can also be very different in their symptoms from one flare to another.  If you view my profile, you will see that I have had a long road.  It took my 8+ years to get a diagnosis, but now I know what I am dealing with and know what I need to do to live each day to the best of my ability.  Educate yourself and feel free to ask questions.
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