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Are these symptoms of Fibromyalgia

I am just needing some help with all the symptoms I am having.  I have been to countless doctors and they don't seem to be able to help me.  I am very active and walk 5-8 miles daily.  I know exercise is very important for people with fibromyalgia and I try to stay as active as I can but it is getting more and more difficult.  They symptoms I have are heart palpatations, body aches and pains, irritable bowel, stomach upset, headaches and lately when I am finished walking and shower and then rest for a bit I can hardly walk as my feet, heels, and ankles hurt so badly it takes me 10 to 15 minutes to get going again.  Some days I ache so badly all over I barely make it through the day.  I recently had to have a hysterectomy and since that my syptoms have gotten much worse especially in my feet, heels, legs and hips.  My aches and pains seemed to move around a lot before the hysterectomy but now everything below my waist is what hurts the most.  I am a high school teacher and volleyball coach and it is very difficult to stay on my feet all day long without a lot of pain.  Can anyone tell me if these are symptoms of fibromyalgia and what you do to help aleviate all the pain, since I am not getting anywhere with my physicians.  I would appreciate any adivce given to me.  Thanks
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There is usually an event that trigger FM.  You had a hysterectomy which could be the cause.  
Then again you can be pushing yourself too hard since your surgery. Having a hysterectomy puts the body through a sudden halt in harmone production.  This can affect the muscles and how we heal.  Was it a vaginal hysterectomy?  How long ago was it?  I ask these questions because, your symptoms are in the lower area mostly, where your body was manipulated during surgery, if it was vaginal.  Sudden hormonal changes can cause headaches, nausea, physical changes, all the menopausal changes.  Palpatations are more hormonal than FM.  I've had FM close to 15 years now, diagnosed for 13 and my heart is not one of the things that is affected.  

There are trigger points that can be checked to see if you have FM.  Search on the internet for Fibromyalgia trigger points.  The NIH and Mayo Clinic sites are helpful with symptom info.  

Write back to me and let me know how your are doing.  I will watch this post.  
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Thank you for you insight.  I have had much pain in my neck, back, arms, elbows  for almost 15 years before having my hysterectomy which was about a year ago.  It just seems that after my hysterectomy my legs, thighs, hips, heels and feet just ache now so much more than before the hysterectomy.  I did not have a vaginal hysterectomy, I had the stomach muscles cut and had the bikini cut.  I seemed to heal pretty quickly and really did not have any side effects other than the dreaded hot flashes.  As for the palpatations I have had them for over 6 years now and have had all the tests on my heart, stress test, ekg, haltor monitor three times and they do detect minor irregularities but they tell me nothing to be concerned with.  

I am extremely frustrated because I try to be active and workout and very involved in my school and teaching but now I am finding it hard to even walk after I have exercised and then rested for a bit.  I ache so badly it brings tears to my eyes and I can't stand it.  I have been reading about the symptoms of fibromyalgia on the web and I do have many of the symptoms just wondering if there is anything I can do differently or to make my symptoms less troublesome.

Thank you for responding and not thinking I am crazy.  
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I have had FM for the past 24 years but was misdiagnosed with lupus,hepatitis & rheumatoid arthritis. This last flare was the worst it started in Oct.07 & is still with me. I also have palpatations which my rheumatologist said could possibly be from the FM/CFS. The only way I got answers was because I lost my cool because I was in so much pain I made the doc do something I was actually yelling at him (I apologized later) but I said if you don't know what it is then send me to someone who can find out what it is. Push if you have to. Everyones symptoms are different. Hope this helps
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My response is different now that I have a better time frame on your symptoms.  Not knowing where you are from, I cannot suggest a specialist.  There is one that is world renound in Philadelphia.

It is said that Reumatologists diagnose FM but now that it has been reclassified a Neuro Muscular disease, genetic possibilities also, they are rethinking  this route for diagnosis.  

Comfort - Tricyclic antidepressants are the best long term pain relievers, research shows.  Hot baths, good nights sleep if possible. How is your sleep.  Low or no sugar intake.  High protein of non meat source...eggs, fish, tofu, beans etc. eat veggies. Do not eat night shade veggies.....rhubarb, potaotes etc. (look up, I'm not sure of them all).

I use a muscle relaxer and exercise to less than my limit.  I'm not a physical person like you.  You have an advantage.  One thing with FM, exercise is good but you can go too far and set yourself back as far as how well you feel.  

15 years ago huh? Did you have a serious flu, Mono, car accident, traumatic experince?

I like Lucky had symptoms for several 3 approx. years, until I finally got a diagnosis.  I went to a FM specialist who was a pompas idiot, drew blood and said come back in a month. I like Lucky told the secretary the tests will be back in a week, I want to be back then.  We argued until I got an appt in one week.  He only wanted room for new patients.
Money money money!  I went to an infectious disease specialist at our local hospital. She found that I had been carrying around active EBV virus probably for the last few years.  Four years into fighting that virus I caught M pneumonea which lodged in my ear and my system.  This flared up for three or four years.  Those two viruses were the reasons I had the CFS on top of the FM.  I now with bi-yearly blood tests for antibodies have shown that I have full antibodies Igg, Igm, (i think) for both viruses.  I noticed before the tests that the fatigue had lifted.  

Start by having your GP give you a full virus panel. Not just the herpes but the megalovirus, the different pneumonea viruses, parvo, etc.  Test for tick born diseases such as lyme, rocky mt. spotted fever, B Quintana IgG screen, BHenselae IgM screen. One can have a tick born illness for years, yes 15 years and not know.

Do a CBC  panel and Health Profile.  This will show if anything is off.  CBC will show if your lymphocytes are elevated which means illness other than FM, such as germs, chemical poisoning (metals), infection.  

Finally, test your thyroid levels....Peroxidase AB and Thyroglobulin AB,  T4 and T3

Finally,  after you get back and all your tests are fine.  You WILL  be diagnosed with FM. For you see, the only way they diagnose this illness these days is by deduction. They rule out everything else, and then start you on your way to living a better life with FM.

You can copy and paste this info onto a sheet and print it out or to an e-mail and e-mail it to yourself so you can print it out.  This way you don't have to get writer's cramp.  :-)

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