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Anyone know a good attorney for FM in South Carolina?  LT disability co denied claim and looking to appeal.


(Sorry so short.  Using hands more today and sig pain.)
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Any ideas?
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Hey Buffy,
Here's a link to an attorney that specializes in health, insurance and disability issues in Charleston.
I'm not, by any means,necessarily recommending this Attorney to you, as I have no direct or personal experience or knowledge regarding her reputation or backround. This will be up to you.
Ask if she can take your case on a contingency basis.
If not, then get in touch with the South Carolina Bar Association
and they may provide you with a list of Attorneys or Firms who deal with
issues of that nature. You will have to contact them to find out further details. The Bar Assn cannot recommend any one attorney or firm as it would be unethical for them to do so.

Hang in there Buffy, you are a good person and you deserve better
things in your life.
One of my Great Teachers in my life has been Sonia Choquette.
If there's a way for you to open up to her spiritual teachings, you will be able to access energies and help beyond your wildest dreams.
Just do a search and you will find many of her video clips at no charge.
She also has a phone-in program at Hay House Radio (online) and that is free as well. I am a "Wisdom Community" member with Hay House Radio(24/7 access to all the programming for a nominal fee) and it has been one of my most rewarding connections I have ever made!
Let me know what you think. (I might have given you some info in the past about this. If I already did, take it now as a friendly reminder! lol!)
Hope you feel better soon.

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