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Bacterial Vaginosis/Fibromyalgia/Hyperthyroidism

Well, I just discovered I cannot exceed 2000 characters so this is going to be tough.
I am presently seeing a rheumatologist.  This has been for the past 4 to5 years.  I have had bacterial vaginosis for 7 years.  My symptoms are pain in my whole body, muscles, bones, joints, my hair is falling out, I can fill a brush with one brushing, I am so depressed I have not got out of bed in 3 months, my skin is flaky, I have gotten 3 infections, I do not know what they were...2 in Feb. and one in April where I ran fever of 103 for a week each, I am so weak, I don't want to do anything, I don't want to talk to anyone, I can sleep for days and then can't sleep at all, I get dizzy when I stand, I have gone from about 150 pounds to maybe 115 since Feb.   I have had all blood work, urine, cat scans, mri, etc and once my hyperthroid tested slightly positive but no meds were given.  I can go down the check list for Graves disease and have every symptom the same is so with the hyperthroidism quiz.  I am not on any meds for my thyroid, just antidepressants, pain meds and muscle relaxers.  I'm in constant pain, my muscles ache, my joints ache.  This has been going on for too long, I need help and a doctor who is really interested in finding out what is wrong with me.  
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