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Best city to live

Sorry if this has been asked before but what's everyone's opinion on the best place to live for fibromyalgia. The cold and damp make me hurt so I'm thinking a desert location. Anyone have an opinion on San Diego or Tuscon? thanks!
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You know, I live in Boise, Id and it is REALLY dry here.  So much so, I get nosebleeds and have to take guifenesen and evoxac to keep eyes in tears and nose moist enough, yet still have terrible pain.  You could  visit an area for a few weeks to see if your pain improves before moving there.

Where are you?  Warm does sound good right now.  We actually have snow on the ground.  I've lived in Tucson and it is a very big city, has some nice parts, and probably isn't as pricey as SD.  Tuscon also has some mountains near when you need to get away from the blistering heat.  It once got 115F there, and at 14, I was so amused I actually went and fried an egg on the sidewalk 'cause all kept sayin' it was hot enough.  Tucson would be hot enough.  The coldest I remember it getting there was mid 50s.  Lovely sunsets, too.  I miss it.  let us know if you decide to take that leap!  You must really be hurting to be considering pulling up the stakes!
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I just considered how I feel in the summer, and Yeah!  I think it would make a huge difference.  Just in way of a warning, Tucson has a monsoon season that takes the cake.  Gorgeous lightning storms, but rains unbelievable buckets that turn streets into rivers that carry your poor plastic garbage cans away!!   I wonder if that kind of  barometric pressure could really cause terrible flares?  Help us out, Fibros in AZ!  Does monsoon season bother you?
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I live in Austin right now. It's pretty humid here. I also have lupus and migraines. The weather pressure changes affect the fibro, lupus, and migraines, and the allergies here me prone to infections which causes the lupus to flare up which makes the fibro flare up. We've thought about Tucson but I'm worried about the monsoons causing migaines. But I love heat. I see no reason for it to ever drop below 50 degrees :)

I have a friend with FM who lived in northern Arizona and it did wonders for her. She's thinking of moving back.

My mom lives in Missouri and we visited her last month. It was wet and cold and I was in horrible pain.

Thanks for your help!
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We live in Metro Detroit, Michigan and I was diagnosed with FM 11 years ago. We spent 3 weeks in Florida and the pain was less. It is still damp there, but when it is warm and I can get in the warm water, I feel great. Anyways, I joined this discussion because we are pursuing a healthier climate as well. We are considering North Carolina because it still has seasonal changes, but when I check weather.com and look at that state's pain scale for the daily weather, sometimes it is worse than what we have here in Michigan. Any thoughts anyone?
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Oh my goodness!  I've suffered from FMS for about 20 years now and I'm only 32.  I can't believe I stumbled across this site quite by accident.  I just started taking Lyrica about a week ago and I really thought I was doing well......until the weather changed again.  LOL.  I was just praising God for this "miracle drug" because I hadn't headache for 4 whole days.  4 whole days!!!!  Sorry, that needed repeating ;~)  Well, tonight my vision is blurred, my head and neck feel worse than usual, and I generally hurt all over, so I thought I'd do a random google search to see if anyone had actually researched the topic and I just happen to reach this forum.  I'm not so excited to be hurting all over.  Oklahoma is definitely NOT the place to be, especially in the spring.  The barometric pressure changes make you want to crawl under the covers and not come out until the weather stabilizes somewhat.  And just when that happens, guess what......another storm system.  I am extremely frustrated with this.  I am currently engaged to a wonderful man who completely supports me and helps me with my FMS.  His job, once we are married, would possibly allow him to relocate.  So, I would love to hear more on this topic and I can't wait to explore this site some more.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have!!!!!  

P.S.  I actually seem to do better in the winter than the summer, but I wonder if it is just the combo of heat/humidity here???   Any help is appreciated!  
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San Diego!!!  I loved it there.  Unfortunately it is way too expansive to live there for me now.


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My allergies disappeared when I was vacationing in San Diego... it was great !
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I lived in Salt Lake City for 15 years (I am not in the dominant religion there) and when the weather was bad, I hurt terribly.  That was DRY climate.  We have since moved to Central Texas where it's hot and HUMID!  When there is bad weather I hurt terribly here too.  I honestly don't know that there is a difference as far as fibromalgia be better or worse but I haven't studied any facts concerning the issue.
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I dont think any perticualr place changes the pain effect of Fibro,,barometric pressure and such can cause a flare up and theres just no way of getting around it.  Every state has its one element or more that causes Fibro to become more painful at times.  :)
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What a cute nickname fibromama.  Anyway, that's what I was trying to say.  I don't think it matters where you live.  Flares are flares.---Jamy
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thank you very much,,,flares they are wherever we may be lol
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Don't move to Louisiana....it is HUMID here all year round!!!!  
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I hate humidity although I loved living in Nashville and would move back there anyday even if that meant dealing with the humidity
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I live in Pittsburgh,Pa. And I honestly don't think I can make it another year here! two days ago the barometric pressure changed and I couldn't get out of bed for two day's it's like having the flue.If my house was on fire I would of died! I get so depressed I wan't to just die! And the winter is awful I just don't think I can do it! Mine started three and half years ago as soon as I got divorced I don't know if it was depression that triggered it or not! I was in a car accident in 01 that hurt my tailbone and siatica going down my leg. But it is getting worse and worse. I found a good web page called ache & pain weather com. It lets me know what I'm in for. It depresses you so bad and the next day the weather changes and your find and it's like it never happened! I have a good job here and my daughter has one more year of school but I cant seem to beleive that i can survive one more year here in pain! I just got on Nuerotin and it seems to help some but not when I'm really bad! I tried to look where the barometric wheater changes the least and it was Hawaii, Sandiego , which are to expensive does any one have any suggestions? And the doctors here are a mess! No one understands how bad it really is. Plus I have nerve dammage in both legs I just found out two days ago. But if you look up Bends disease its almost the same syptoms I wonder if we went in a air chamber for treatment if it would help?
Actually there are studies testing using them and showing promise. But who of us have that around that we could do and I am sure insurance wouldn't cover it. :(
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Hi, I think, for me, it is where do I hurt less. I have traveled all over the world. Right now I am in St. Louis Mo. Fibro is in a mild state but a couple years ago when I moved here it was horrible and I was unable to get out of bed. Before that I was in Seattle WA. There I didn't know  I had Fibro and just thought it was the flu. I could still get out everyday. I thought about trying New Mexico.
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I don't think that it matters where you live either.  The changes in the temperature affect the body.  I did read that San Diego's weather is 75 degrees all year long but I was wondering if that really helps if the humidity is high.  That's my problem with the change in barometric pressure.  I even thought about Las Vegas since it's so dry there and hardly rains.  The nights get cool and that means a change as well.  I don't know, good luck in that quest and let us know what you decide and how it works out for you.
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I live in minnesota, not hte place to be. I did vacation for 2 weeks this winter in hawaii on the big island and my pain levels were very low, wish i could afford to live there.
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I'd say Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada, which is surrounded by northern rainforest .. cool and damp. They have two seasons there: Rain and July!  I moved to Mexico to work in 1999, and for the past six years, I've lived 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, and suffer a little in the humid summers. But Lake Chapala's temps are basically 80 degrees year round with little humidity.  Once I retire, I may just move inland.
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Hi all...

I'm new to this forum, but not new to Fibro.. I live in SLC and I HURT!. It's been just awful as our weather can't make up it's mind. I was just accepted into a fibro study at the U of U today. I'm excieted at teh very thought of learnig something, anything to help me deal with this very painful thing I have. I lived in Portland Oregon a few years ago and the pain did not seem to make me stay in bed. Is anyone out there from Oregon? If so, how is your pain level? We have had such stormy weather this year and I can tell that a storm is coming even when the sky is blue adn not a cloud in the sky. Our summers are normally very hot 100+ and i hate it. My body just swells but now I'm looking forward to the heat in hopes that the pain will go. Anyone out there have any thoughts on how to make the pain just a little more tolerable. I have raised 8 kids and now I just want to play but I hurt so badly that there are days I can't make myself go down the stairs.. I can't live like this anymore. I want to play with my grandkids without paying for it for days. There has to be a place out ther that in less painful... PLEASE help.. I will let you all know how the Fibro study goes....
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Well I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and it gets COLD here!!  I seriously can't remember if the cold made my symptoms worse or not, I spent most of the last winter in the hospital.  Summer is pretty nice but when it gets really warm I usually feel really dehydrated most of the time and cause of my meds I have to watch my sun exposure.  Other than that I don't pay for my doctors or anything so I say anywhere in Canada all the way!
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Well I live in Az...outside of Phoenix about 60 miles in a very small town( elev; aprox 2700)I have basically lived here all my life. I use to love the summers here...but ever since the Fibro& etc;...I seem to feel worse in the summers! Yes the barometric pressure does play a big part in our pain...we are due for our "monsoon" weather any day now and i can tell you... I have had 3-4 days of really wanting to end this pain!! I have a wonderful man in my life(who is always on the road) and honestly "thank god " he is ..because I have been miserable lately!!  last year I went with him on the road a few times....he has a truck with all the extras..like a shower..toilet..microwave...counters..sink and etc....so it really is nice.But anyhow we were all over the states...Ca..Oregon..Tx..Mo..Tn..Min..the Carolinas..you name it I have prob been there...except for the east coast! And yes I could feel a difference in my flares..in fact I dont think my body knew exactaly what to do!! But this time of year is the worse here and thank God it doesnt last too long. The humidity is starting to go up ...but NOT even as bad as alot of the other states. Ariz is a beautiful state to live in..and it has such a variety of terrain to see...and yes after beeing here for most all of my 56 yrs..i am fond of it!       Well anyhow ....just to say' I really like this site ..and to know I am not suffering alone with these horrible flare ups" Now I am just awaiting for my Dr to get in more samples of savella ..as i have heard good results on it.
Good luck to you all...and I pray that sooon...acure is found and our pain will be...NO MORE !!                                  Linda
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I'm from central Minnesota.  I've was diagnosed with Fibro. in April of 2000.  So I've had it officially now for 10+ years.  I have researched the heck out of the subject of moving to a better climate and yes, weather can and does play a roll in the amount of pain a person has.  However, like the doctors and researchers say, everyone is different.  For me it's the barometric pressure and the weather changes.  I can handle weather and the rainy season but it's when the weather changes that hurts the worst.  When the weather stablizes than the pain stablizes.  The up and down of the barometric pressure causes the pain plus winter when the cold air shifts definately hurts me.  See if that is the same for you all.  Everyone has a different level of pain. Mine is quite severe and I can't be rehabilitated but it is also from a car accident and I have injuries from that are most likely making it worse.  

Also, now this is very important, I have a new pain that started about a year ago.  In other words, After 9+ years an entirely new pain appeared for no apparent reason.  When it started the pain was on the top of my thighs only.  It is a severe pain and can be scary pain, enough to make me cry at times.  The pain is sharp, strong, heavy and when it is really bad, my legs shake almost uncontrolably non-stop until the pain starts to go away.  Also, the past 3 months or so my knees and my leg joints twist like you twist your ankles.  The doctors are stumped, what about you?  I'd like to know if any of you have had similiar pain issues.  My groin is killing me and I don't know if I can live with the pain much longer.  I have been on narcotics and many other pain relievers but not much works anymore.  Doctors don't like prescribing narcotics anymore because of liver issues and so on.  Does anyone have any of these newer pain issues and do you have any relief from it?  I very much look forward to your responses.  

By the way, has anyone else here had a FULL HEAD & NECK CT SCAN or MRI?  I was having these headaches that felt like someone putting an ice cube into the back of my skull.  My doctor gave me a FULL MRI SCAN and he found something quite interesting.  I have CHIARI MALFORMATION TYPE 1 which can cause Fibromyalgia and  Chronic Fatigue symptoms for some people which also causes the doctors to mis-diagnose your condition.  Depends on the individual of course.  Have your doctors check your head and neck thouroughly, something they say they did with me in the start but they never did.  Doctors say things to shut you up cause they think you are a hypochondriac; it ***** I know but get checked anyway.  If I get the CHIARI MALFORMATION surgery, there is a chance some the Fibro. pain (for some people, all the pain goes away along with no more headaches) might go away.  As far as my condition goes, the doc said that he is sure I have Fibro. and the pain in my thighs is kinda proof to him.  I am stumped this time....lol.
Chiari is just a thought for you guys.  I'm very interested in your thoughts on the subjects.
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I am going to start looking at the barometric pressure and see if it makes a diff to me. I also have bad around my knees. I also have had severe and I mean severe pubic and pelvic pain. The last bought lasted a little over a year. My doc sent me to everyone and I had every kind of treatment because I litterly could not sit for even 2 minutes. Finally we just decided to do nothing for a while and it went away as mysteriously as it came. As each year passes I am more and more believing that all these different random body part pains are just more Fibro. I live in CA and have been to Fl, Hawaii, Portland and lots of other places and nothing helps me with different climates. Soon my wonderful husband will be able to retire (soon as our house sells) and we are going to buy a large RV and travel full time. I find sometimes when my mind is oocupied on something new my pain is residing in the background and it is somewhat easier. I still have to pace myself or I can get over tired and then the next day is worse. Good luck everyone I love reading all you posts.  Hugs, Teri
I also have terrible groin pain. It's horrible!!
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Hi, my name is Kathy. I also have that pelvic/groin pain but it has a name for me. It is called Osteitis Pubis meaning: inflamation of the pelvic bone. It usually shows up with some kind of trauma like having a baby and/or in athletic people/ Maybe you hurt it without realizing it. You know, falling down on something in that area.  An X-Ray will show your bone being whiter in that area.  Also, It usually goes away in about 8 weeks to 3 months. Mine is chronic cause of Fibro. but most people will get relief.  I also have Tendonitis there as well which sits on or right by the pelvic bone.  That can also make your pelvic bone hurt and that can come with Fibro at some point but it comes and goes when you least expect it.  I have several problems because of a car accident but Fibromyalgia is the prominant one along with CFS and MPS which also can come with Fibro. MPS is Myofacial Pain Syndrome.  I have a great explanation for how to picture it if you want to know more about it.  Let me know. My accident was on March 31st, 1999. I was diagnosed in April of 2000.  Otherwise I felt pretty normal outside of some headaches and sleep issues (not related to Fibro).  Lastly, when you are checking out the weather, it's not only the air pressure but it's even more of the weather just changing.  I know 2 days in advance that it's going to rain or that the Air pressure is getting heavier than it takes 2 more days to recover from that.  Then of cours, the weather will change again to getting hotter and more humid or cooler but it never just stays in one spot for a while to give my body time to play catch up.  So I think that the changing of the weather with in a 2 day period is what causes or can cause most Fibro people thier pain. That is something we can't run away from.  That is why some people aren't affected by the barometric pressure, because theirs is changing at a different pace than the other people who are affected by it.  Just a very long thought but I really do hope this will shed some light on your issues better.  Fibro also doesn't seem to allow our bodied to heal themselves regularly from the daily wear and tear like normal people.  Another way of explaining what Fibro/CFS does to us.  It's because we don't get the proper REM sleep that our body needs.  OK, I'm done now! Whew, I just want you to be well informed and "armed with info." when you see the doctor next.  Hope you feel better sooner rather than later.
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