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Best meds for fibromyalgia (and rheumatoid arhtritis)

Hi I am suffering from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis on my knees and wrists, (diverticular disease, asthma, restless leg syndrome (thanks to fibro) and possibly loads of other ailments and diseases (oh throid and another hernia, and narrowed esophagus) phew! anyway my question is what are the best meds for fibro, as my doctor has a couple of thousand patients, and I feel sometimes does'nt look into the meds properly for me ( thinking of changing docs of course)

He put me on 300gm of tramadol (maxitram) daily, 10-20 of amytripiline, and 1000gm of Naproxen daily, all answers will be greatfully received, thank you.
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Hopefully you mean 300mg of tramadol and 1000mg of the Naproxen.  (gm is the abbreviation for gram; mg means milligram and 1000mg =1Gm)
Both doses are large as single doses even in mg.  Maybe they are totals for doses that are spread out over each day?

You mentioned several digestive tract diseases.  They are often irritated by drugs like Naproxen (NSAIDS - non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) so I'd be careful and report any bleeding or stomach pain.  

Tramadol might be given with amitriptyline to boost it's effectiveness.  If you don't have seizures and your doc prescribed it and you don't drink I guess it's okay.  

Have you worked up to all this or is your doc starting it all at once?  If more than one of these is a new drug I'd suggest you start them one at a time over several days.  Otherwise you won't be able to tell the bad guys from the good guys if you have a reaction.

I can't advise you about pain relief or fibromyalgia.  I saw your question on the MS forum and came here to answer it since you don't list MS as one of your problems.  I'm sure someone in this community will be along to offer fibro specific info.
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Hey cbrigid.
Welcome to the forum.

Please read my replies to a post titled "very depressed and worried".
There are some non-drug holistic suggestions in the link mentioned.

You seem to have too many issues, perhaps indicative of some underlying conditions and some of these have become systemic.
Suspect are: Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candidiasis, Thyroid Imbalance,
Gluten Intolerance, Pathogenic Mycoplasma Infection or similar
(Babesia, Bartonella,Ehrlichia, HHV-6...)

I really think that:
1. You need a new doctor
2. He will be limited to what he can do for you. Same with the drugs.
3. You need to get to the root of your problems. Put yourself in charge
of your own health affairs and your wellness. This way you have a better chance. Being knowledgeable and proactive will make a big difference.

  Medical Doctors don't do this usually, as:
a. It's not in the protocol.
b. They're too busy (this is time consuming)
c. They're not trained to work this way.
d.  Most Patients EXPECT a prescription drug- something they just take -- according to the directions- that makes them fell better, fast.
(sorry there are no silver bullets and no cure for Fibro , only symptom management with conventional medicine.)

As twopack mentioned have a closer and better look at your meds.
Go to the drug interaction website, type the names and you'll get the answers. Search each drug separately for side effects, make a list and do an analysis with all your conditions and symptoms. Discuss with your Pharmacist any discrepancies or contraindications or side effects that you find or you're experiencing.
Have Him or Her call you doctor, to suggest possible adjustments
and changes to your meds. Research for safer non-drug alternatives.

And cut out carbs, sugars, junk food, sodas including diet or low cal.
(they're the worse for your health and vicious for Fibro and like conditions)
You will feel better in just a few days, just doing this.

Consume Coconut Oil -virgin and organic. The healthiest Oil you can put into your body. Visit the coconut research center website for details.
And while you're at it, look into "Oil Pulling".

If you do only 2 things, the last 2 suggestions would be the ones.
Should you need more details or just to comment please post again.
Wish you well!

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