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I have been diagnosed with CFS/ Fibromyalgia (but dont feel that its FM because i dont have very many pressure pointed pains just all over weakness, pain and fatigue etc) I also have some sort of immune deficency which they are calling CFIDS - Chronic Fatigue Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. I have had a ton of blood work and some of the tests I had that came back positive or elevated were:

*HHV 6 - Human Herpes Virus - not a STD
Coxsackie B4 - A variation of the Coxsackie virus that is know to cause diabietes (which I do not have)
*Chlamydia Pnumoniea - not a STD
*Epstein Bar Virus - EBV

*Three of the above seem to be major culprits in the development of autoimmune disorders, like Sarcoid or MS. There is alot of controversy in the medical world about the viruses I have and there involvment in causing other problems.
Anyone else out there have the same tests I have had? Is this really CFS or it something even more? I have had an MRI of my brain and spine and have a small area of degeneration on my cervical spine, a hemangioma on my thoratic vertabre, and a small area of demylenation in my brain.  I have also developed POTS (Post Osterial Tachycardia). I feel run down always, it started about Jan 09 and has just progressed. I want to accept my diagnosis of CFS but have a hard time with all the other symptoms I have. I worry a lot about my condition progressing and not having done something early enough to stop it or slow it down.
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