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Body temperature increase,flushing and sweating

I am experiencing waves of warm flashes that seem to originate with my trunk area the spreads to my neck, head and scalp. I then start sweating profusly from my scalp under my eyes aroung my lips and forehead. I have to wear very light clothes and I walk around all winter with shorts and a tank top trying to stay cool.
Do you have any suggestions or remedies that my control or stop this?
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You could be experiencing the hot flashes that can sometimes come with the onset of peri-menopause.

I would suggest a visit to your gynecologist for an exam and blood work to test your hormone levels - if your levels are off (which could/would cause these symptoms), they may be able to provide you with some hormone replacements to help with the symptoms.
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My hot flashes start from my chest up. How old are you? Perhaps you are in perimenopause?
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Are you on Savella?  Those are classic side effects of the med.
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Yeah, I get hot flashes, but I don't necessarily break out in sweats every time.  However, along with my FMS, I have the chronic migraine disorder.  I learned that this is often part of a migraine aura, although with me it isn't always part of the aura.  But, I believe I'm in the early phases of perimenopause, as I am in my early 40's.  I am NOT using Savella myself.  The thyroid TSH tests normal, so protocol won't allow the other two thyroid tests.  I don't think any of the meds I take would cause this to happen.  I just read that the calcium channel blocker I take as a migraine preventative should actually help to PREVENT hot flashes.
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my doctor discovered a thyroid problem after i reported similar temperature fluctuations.
i would just be overheating without exertion; waking up SWEATING when not menopausal...; many other sypmtoms like eating lots all day...
good luck
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