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Bone Spurs HELP

Has anyone with Fibro ever had bone spurs on your hand's?
I noticed that im getting bone spurs i believe that's what they are, i know what the Fibro pain is like but the pain i have today is something else, Maybe the Osteo i have to wait to see the new rhemmy Dec 1 .
                            Thank you.
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   I've never had bone spurs in my hands, but I have had them in my heels and in my right knee replacement. When the partial both failed, the new OS had to go in and revise my replacement to a total. He said that I had so many bone spurs in the femur that he was surprised that I could bare weight at all. He did say that the osteoarthritis was a big factor in getting bone spurs. Good luck to you.

gentle hugs
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Than you! That's what im afraid of i was told by an E.R doc that i had Osteo.
I seem to be getting worse and the cold is no help.
What othe symptoms does the osteo give you?
           THAK'S AGAIN
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Been a fibro sufrferer for many years and though I'm not knowledgeable about bone spurs a new product I've just started taking called EZorb claims to be good for "bone spurs" as well as the osteo and fibromyalgia, only been taking it a couple of weeks, but I do know my body doesnt seem to feel so 'tight' and swollen and joint pain seems to have lessened.   Its not a prescription, its a natural product and is supposed to have no side effects.
Below is a link to their site so you can check it out if you like. http://www.elixirindustry.com/ezorb/index.html
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I have over the years grown them on my spine and its from the fibro. I also have RA not osteo, so it could be both who knows.. I also know you must be careful with arthritis docs.. They have a tendency to ignore fm symptoms, even when they say they believe its real..
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Thank you both very much for everything.
It's very scary i have to try and take it eazy.
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HI Nana
I have had fibro for many years and for the last month I have been taking a natural product called EZorb and they have a special regime for us.  I noticed that one of the recommended conditions to use it is "bone spurs" .  Here is the website if you are interested in trying it out.
Ezorb is Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous
I must say that considering how bad the weather (cold, snow and rain) has been and that I have been doing a lot of stairs where I was housesitting this last week, I have had very little pain, have not actually been as exhausted as I would normally.
I found the ad for this product on the Fibromyalgia/CFS Treatment Centre site.

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