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Bursitis & Fibromyalgia

Since I've had Fibromyalgia, I have constant bursitis in my greater trocanter (hip bursa) as well as a constant inflammation of my SI joints.

I receive shots in my hips every few months, sometimes monthly.  I do the exercises given to me by my DO, however, I have only short term relief from the shots.  I apply ice.  I still have the bursitis and it won't go away.

I never had any hip injuries prior or since to cause bursitis.

Does anyone else have recurrent bursitis with their Fibromyalgia?
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You bet.  I had bursitis or tendinitis or whatever in both my greater trocanter (all over the place) and SI joints. I treated it with ultrasound and got about 80% improvement with pain at rest and more function.  You can buy a machine off the internet for less that $250.
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Yes, I have hipo and both shoulder bursitis along with the fibro. Making it very painful to do about anything. I got home from work tonight, and feel like I'm starting another flair. My feet are tingeling and hurting, my legs hurt, and the fatigue is overwhelming. It was the first rally nice day we have had 68*. I enjoyed it so much, but tonight I'm in misery.
Bursitis is an inflammation of the joint. It seems to come in conjunction with arthritis and fibro, but it is a seperate condition. You shouldn't have over 3 shots of cortisone in a year, according to most specialists.Sometimes they can drain the bursa joints, I've never had that done. Getting old sucks.
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I have the exact same thing.  It is very painful.  I have not received the shots, I am scared to death of needles and if it is something I would have to do over and over I will not take them.  I find no relief.  I've tried hot/cold compress, that worked a little but it is a chore to go from cold to heat and back to cold and back to heat every 15 minutes.  My hips are so bad sometimes I can't walk and if I move just right, the pain will take my breath away.  The bursitis in my hips was one of my first symptoms with FM.  
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In fact I am in pain right now. I have had SI shots but the hip and trochanter bpain is getting old. I can barely get sleep at night.
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I am so miserable right now I can hardly stand it.  I have had Fibro for over 11 years and this bursitis is not allowing me to get any sleep.  I have had one trigger point injection before and it helped a little, but I can't lay on either side for more than 10 min at a time.  Any suggestions?
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Dear all of you.  I have fibromyalgia.  I was born with a hip defect had surgery as a baby to fix it.  I have been bothered by Trochanteric Bursitis for years at different degrees.  I am encouraged to find out that I am not alone.  I have all 18 tender points.  The fatigue drives me crazy at times.  I take Elavil which really helps me sleep deeper.  I am taking Neurontin for the jumpy nerves, headaches and pain.  I use two body pillow to sleep around my body.  They help to keep the pain from the bursitis down.  I have had the injections and my doctor does not recommend the draining.  The reading I have done suggests the draining never works.  I also have osteoarthritis.  I have had it since I was 20.  Good luck everyone.
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