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My doctor thinks I may have FM or CFS. I am having a test for sleep apnea tonight. I have been prescribed Provigil for the fatigue. My question is this..When you feel 'fatigued' does it affect your mind as well as your body? I know that some of you say your head is 'in a fog'. My head is almost always clear. It seems to be my body that is extremely weak and fatigued; also all of my mucles ache(almost feels as if the bones hurt) all over my body, especially my legs. Can one have Fibromyalgia and, at the same time, be clear headed? Thank you in advance for your time.
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Bumping this up. I am seriously interested and sick of feeling sick.
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Unfortuantley Fibro does not follow any certain set of symptoms.Fibro is a wide range of symptoms that differ from person to person. The degree of pain is even different from person to person.

I am going to assume you B12 & Vit D, Thyroid levels have all been checked.

I get fatigued, but it is due to insomnia (symptoms of graves), and I am always clear headed. My body wants to sleep, but my brain wants to continue non-stop. I work & drive without any mental impairment from fatigue. I have dealt with insomnia for the last 15yrs.
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Thank you for your input. All my vitamin and electrolyte levels have been checked. I am going to take supplements in addition to the vitamins I already take for a few things(vit. D, B's, Magnesium, etc.). I've also had my thiroid levels checked. As for my ACHEY body, I think that is why I'm having the 'sleep test' tonight. He wants to check all the bases. I was just wondering why so many people talked of 'brain fog' along with their other symptoms, and I don't have that. Thank you, again.
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To me, and again, my opinion only. The brain fog comes from the medications taken for fibro. A lot of people use 2-3 different things for certain symptoms, to me (my opinion only), that would be a cause for the "brain fog" so many complain about.

I take only OTC, (everyone is different) aleve & tylenol for my aches. It works for me.

Have you thought about CBT for your insomnia? Cognitive Behavioral Thearpy. They tried that on me, but I just could not focus on one thing, my brain is literally non-stop....I can not calm it down.
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I have SEVERE pain in my legs plus pain all over. The severity of it changes from day to day. I do get "fibro fog" but I dont always have it and it comes and goes with flares or just whenever it wants to... Everything that happens to my body has no good explanation! LOL I hate this fibro, nobody really knowing how to help us..

I would say that you just dont get the fog. BTW, Mine doesnt just come from meds. It started before I took anything. Everybody is different... Just be glad that you DONT get it. Sometimes it takes me a second to remember my kids names! haha
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I, too, get the brain fog whether or not I take any meds of any kind.
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I have been taking provigil for 4 days now, and in the mornings, I've noticed fibrofog soon after waking up. Which, by the way, I never had before this medication. Is it coincidence or is it a normal reaction to provigil? Seriously, the benefits outway the side effects, if this is the case. Within an hour after taking the provigil in the morning it goes away, and my chronic fatigue is more bareable, too. Are there any different types of medication without this side effect(if that's what it is)?
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I have had the "fog" but more bothersome is the pain. My pain is worse in my arms, but hurts all the way to my feet. I think you have to deal with the symptoms that are hardest for you, using a variety of approaches. I try "energy conservation" where I do everything upstairs, then everything downstaris, etc.. It helps me get some rest from the pain I have when I move. Good Luck, and know everyone is thinking of you.
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My friend went on Lyrica and said it changed her life. She had energy, barely any pain and even started exercising again. I would suggest that. I have no insurance so I am living off Tylenol Arthritis. That is helping somewhat but I still wake up in severe pain if I don't take it before bed. Let me know how you are doing. Remember, you are not imagining your pain, and don't let anyone tell you different.
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