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Hi there,

I originally posted this on the heart disease forum, because along with my symptoms of fatigue and muscle pain, I've had some worrying heart symptoms. However, the fatigue, pain and brain fog is much more... um, I can't think of the word, because of the fog...it's more constant and in the forefront. I have also been told by a friend who has been diagnosed with ME that my symptoms are generally consistent with hers. ME seems to be what British people generically term what Americans generically term CFS (my mother, a medical transcriptionist, says that the difference is that ME is sudden onset and CFS is gradual onset) but I'm open to your thoughts on this.

I am a 31-year-old woman. I am of normal weight and enjoy a healthy diet and, until recently, an active lifestyle. For the past 8-12 months I have been suffering increasing fatigue, muscle pain (mostly in my legs, but also in my arms) and ice-cold extremities. The fatigue got to the point where I could only work for about 3 hours a day (luckily I have a really understanding and flexible boss - the boyfriend of the friend with ME!) and had to spend the rest of my day basically horizontal. The muscle pain so bad that I could barely brush my hair. My blood tests were normal, and my doctor suggested stress or depression to be the cause. While I don't have any stigma attached to mental issues causing physical ailments, I truly do not believe this is the case. My only feelings of depression are associated with not being able to do what I'm used to being able to do!

In the past few months I have noticed irregularities in my heart beat - beat, skip a beat, then a run of 2 or 3 beats at a much faster rate. I think it's been that way or a while, but I think I've noticed more since being aware that I'm not well. I had an EKG which showed sinus arrhythmia.

In the past few weeks I've begun to experience sharp jabs of pain in my chest just left of centre.

I was born with a heart murmur, which when I was growing up was never noticeable, but is now audible again. I also have a relatively low blood pressure of 60/100 (which I believe was normal when it was last tested 2 or 3 years ago).

I wonder if anyone else here has experienced heart issues along with their CFS/fibro.

Any other ideas you might have would be much appreciated.

All the best,

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I've been very ill.
Everything you have put down i can relate to i have just been diagnosed with cfs/me its not nice knowing that's what you have but its good knowing it does have a name and your not cracking up.

Ok story todate the neurologist was obnoxious and arrogant ..... Its all in your head blah blah blah.
I've seen an endocrinologist and she understood everything two weeks later i receive a letter saying i have cfs/me........
Even though I've read up on it its not really sunk in.
I do also have ist, svt, multifocal ves along with chronic migraine, cluster migraine, costcondritis, and asthma.

Its also to take in.

I am glad though as my partner is finally understanding how hard it is for me.
And that is one of the worst things everyone around you don't understand how ill you really are. Now i know what mine is i can try and educate them better.

I would get your gp to refer you to an endocrinologist that's who diagnosed me. I don't know who else can diagnose it as Im still new to all of this.
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Hi Julia,

Here are some links that I found in our health pages in regards to heart problems and CFS.

Holter Test (heart) "All 60 patients with CFS showed repetitively flat to inverted T waves alternating with normal T waves"


Cardiac involvement in CFS patients (highly recommended):


I'm glad you are here and hope this information is helpful !

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Hi Julia and welcome to our community.

Yes, there are heart symptoms that can take place with both CFS and FMS.  

It is difficult to judge because there is such a thin, fine line between CFS and FMS.  In many cases those dx'd will have both conditions.  CFS usually involves unrelenting fatigue for 6 mos. or more.  FMS is more of the muscular pain and aches, although this can take place with CFS as well.

Please check out our Health Pages for more information on these illnesses.  You can compare symptoms and it will also give you an indication of what should be ruled out (other medical issues that can cause like symptoms).  

The good news is, they are very close to having a urine test for dx'ing CFS.  Hopefully, this will be approved and released some time this year.  
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