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CFS and Muscle Wastage

Can I please ask if anyone out there knows is part of the symptoms of CFS muscle wastage, my brother has sunken wasted muscles. When he was exercising years ago when he was fitter and had CFS his muscle did not improve or strengthen, which he thought was very strange. Is muscle wastage part of CFS, there are so many muscle diseases out there not sure if it could be more than CFS.

Any advise would be so much appreciated, he's bedridden and to weak to go to hospital for tests or anything. I am alos trying to find out if he can get antiobiotics without prescription here in the UK or USA. I read some forums where people bought them direct form USA, and was wondering is this true. Has anyone got any contact numbers for antiobiotics without prescription. His doctors won't subscribe any for him.

Thanks very much

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Our pharmacies in the US and I am sure in the UK too will not offer medication without a prescription from a licensed doctor. You mentioned your brother was unable to get antibiotics. What diagnosis did his doctors give him?
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About muscle wastage with ME/CFS, I did remember reading about it somewhere, but cannot remember where.

Since exercise is not a good thing for ME/CFS, I've been doing yoga stretching, and chi-qong to keep my muscle from atrophy.   I have to say, it helps me a great deal.I have musle where I never know I could have my entire life.  

I started very slowly.....like 2 mins at the begining..  If I could tolerate the pain and post exercise flare ups, I'll increase to 5 minutes, and so on.  Today, on a good day, I can stretch for 40 minutes and take muscle relaxant afterwards.  If may sound strage, but I get more pains when I stopped stretching for days on end, my muscle really hates me then.  Often, I have to convince me to just tough it out and stretch no matter what. Giggles.

Anyhow, a very mild stretch should help stopping muscle atrophy, especially that your brother is bedridden.

Go to ...http://www.co-cure.org and go to 'good doctors' list.  You may be able to find a good doctor near you.  I got my doctor thru there. ...my hubby drives me there once a month.  Even though he lives 2 hours away, he is worth my time and exhaustion to get there.

You're welcme to PM me, if I could help any further.

In friendship.

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My dearest Michelle,

Have you been able to find the answers that you've been seeking?  Or are you still awaiting the answers to help your brother.

I know that I have Fibromyalgia but My husband suffers from CFS & neither of us have been placed on any medications for either of them.  Now I do know that we also have a ton of other ailments such as Epstein Barrs syndrome, the best that both of us have been given is to meds to aid us with our depression that has set in for not being able to get around & do as much as we use to be able to do.  So maybe your brother can seek some counseling for that as I know that he may be suffering with great sorrow for not being able to live his life as he use to be able to do.  

I'll lift both of you up to Our heavenly father that you receive some relief.
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I have not heard of this. I think there must be something else going on possibly from a nutritional stand point.  I have been taking Iodine supplements.  Please research Iodine. It was taken out of things back in the 1940's and 1950's when it was thought to be causing cancer.  Our bodies require it.  In addition Vitamin D. Is he taking any calcium?  If he is not getting the nutrients through food, he should be taking calcium, Vitamin D, possibly Iodine, an essential enzyme to ensure the foods he does he his body is absorbing the vitamins.  Why do you want anti-biotics?  There are things called "pro-biotics" they can be taken on a regular basis so we don't get sick and require "anit-biotics."  It's a pill he can take every day a long with the other supplements I recommended.  I hope this helps.
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I  was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I have just noticed my muscles are getting weaker, I used to work out too and was strong but now my strength and stamina have gone way downhill and I noticed muscles burn even with some light exercise, I hope he can get some help for this, God Bless
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i was told when i was bedridden for 3 mths last year due to my fibro that muscle wastage is normal and anyone who does not use there muscles for more then 2 weeks would see signs of deterations if they knew what they were looking for and its far easier to lose muscle then it is to build, i had a physio come once a week to just move my arms and legs while in bed and was given very small exercises to do while laying there, can you do this for your brother? gental moments everyday to keep the blood flow good to the muscle and kept it doing something best to get him under a physio really cant you do this? or does he not have a dr?

my muscles are still recovering from my 3 mths in bed stint and even though i try with hydro and massage etc i cant get the muscle strength back and mine burn when i just brush my hair but i try and push through more then i did as i know i am not damaging the muscles by pushing by the burning and aching where as i thought i was at first, its such a confusing hard illness to understand.
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Unless there is an underlying condition there should not be muscle wastage. FM doesn't eat away muscles. If you are confined to your bed perhaps you get weaker.  I do when I am unable to move for even a few days.  I have been sick for about 3 days and I feel very weak. It's crucial to move in any way you can.  
I've had fibromyalgia for over 12 years and for many years have not been able to work out.  I have never experienced this or come across anyone in those years with this symptom.  I started a pool program on my own 6 months ago and have actually been able to tone my muscles while losing 21 pounds.  I really don't think it's due to FM. I really recommend looking in to diet, vitamins and supplements to build your bodies.  You won't be able to fight off anything if you are seeing such severe effects such as muscle wastage if you have FM.  Please try to build yourself in any other way you can. Even if you are lying in bed all day there are things you can do. Please try and I will pray for you to be able to do so.
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If his muscles are getting smaller because he is unable to work out due to pain and fatigue then that could be associated with FMS.  If he truly has unexplained muscle wasting then diseases that cause this should be evaluated.
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I'm so sorry, I get this burning too when I walk steps.  Can you try warm pool exercise? It's heaven.  You feel almost pain free in the water.  

Do you take any supplements?  Try not to let this get worse. FM affects us all so differently and weakness is definitely a sign of FM.  Try to build your body in other ways if you can.  Iodine, Vitamin B complex and I get B12 shots monthly this all helps with energy.  
There is also a prescription medication that gives us a little energy.  I can only take 1/2 at time but it give me the energy when my fatigue is bad, it's Provigil.  Again, be cautious with this one.  
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I just had another thought has your doctor checked your B12 and Vitamin D levels? With FM I had my B12 checked, my symptoms were such weakness, fatigue. My B12 was so low. I get B12 shots monthly.  I also take Vitamin D2000.  I just feel so bad that anyone has to suffer.    I hope this helps.....
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