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Can Fibromyalgia come in waves? Mainly winter months

Hi.  I have dealt with pain now for about 8 years but mainly in the winter months.  The last ~5 years have been getting worse and worse every year.  I've been charting it lately and have been questioning Fibromyalgia in the last couple of months.  The thing is it is not always constant.  It may come and last for a couple of months then go away.  When it leaves I try to do things around the house that I couldn't do before and then wammo I can't do nothing but suffer with severe pains and spasms again.  

My lower back and in between my shoulders blades seem to bother me the most.  Then I also have really bad pains in my knee/legs, feet, elbows, upper shoulders, hands, chest etc.  They just seem to be all over.  I get some edema but no bruising or swelling so when I tell people that I just hurt all over they don't get it.  This usually always happens in the winter months though.  In the summer I just get lightheaded really easy.  Ya for me.  LOL

I don't know if this has to deal with Fibromyalgia or not.  Just trying to rule stuff out.  I'm so tired of feeling sooo bad.

I have high BP and take Lopressor for it, Edema and I take Diazide/Maxide, Hypothyroidism and I take Levothyroxine, and an interatrial septal aneurysm I take low dose aspirin for.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance....................Amy.
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Yes, I believe that fibromyalgia comes in waves as well.  The winter months were the worst for me for about 7-8 years as well.  The spring and summer this year was also hard for me.  The humidity was killing me.  I have had the same pain and symptoms that you mentioned since November 2007 and I don't seem to be getting better, it seems to be getting worse.

It sounds like fibromyalgia to me but of course I am not a doctor.  Although, they don't seem to know a heck of a lot themselves as far as I can see.
Have you been checked for PKD It can cause heart problems and thyroid  problems as well as a great deal of pain. Most people who have it get it as a genetic disease and and have no idea that they have it. I was one of those people. You might want to have the test done. It may give you more answers.
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Do you have fibromyalgia?  I forgot I also take Lipitor for what started off was a hsCRP (1-3) level of 20.  Now it's down to 6 but my cholesterol is climbing.  LOL

With me it seemed to start bothering me after I was rammed in the back by a ~12 year old heavy set child on a bicycle in around June of 2003.  He hit me hard enough to bend his bike up.  I was really sore for ~ a month but thought nothing of it.  In Sept. of that year the pain was back 10 fold threw all winter months.  I had an X-ray and they found nothing broke.  

Every year after that I have been experiencing this pain that gets worse and worse every year.  Now though it is not just in my back and shoulder blades it is all over.  I just seem to get stiff and sore all over.  I still have a black and blue mark the size of a nickel/quarter at the base of my back where the handle bar hit.  I asked my doctor and she said just to chalk it up as a battle wound.  As she chuckled.  She reminded me that the X-rays were fine.

The weather with me seems to play a big part.  The cold weather or rain/snow weather changes makes my body hurt so bad it's unreal.  I call my doctors office during the winter months a couple of times to get Zanaflex but now they don't even seem to help.  A friend of mine gave me some stronger pills that seems to help with the pain but the pressure never seems to leave.    

Just trying to rule out anything I can.  I also questioned Lyme disease due to the fact that I have pulled quite a few of them out of me over the years.  I have a spot that erupts like a boil faithfully every year at the base of my head and stays there for about 2 months.  ???  Weird I know.   I grow my own garden, can fruits and veggies and hunt so I'm outside alot.  Though these pains are turning my whole way of life upside down.  
This next year I'm thinking about going to an ENDO for thyroid issues and go from there.  Between my doctor, test, labs and cardio doctor though the expenses are unreal even with insurance.  

Sorry so long.  Just looking for some answers.  Thank you for your time;


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Hi Amy;

X-rays show bone and can show some inflammation.  Did you ever have an MRI to show if you have a bulging disc, or some other kind of soft tissue injury or damage?  A purple spot that large at the base of your spine should be checked out.

I have had 4 spinal injuries in the past years, I do have Fibro and an autoimmune Thyroid Disease, I am 8 weeks post opp for a complete Thyroidectomy.  The symptoms of all my conditions overlap, so it is very difficult to know what aches and pains are from what.  

However, I do know that I feel much, much better in the warmth of the summer.  The winters are really hard for me to tollerate also. Heat helps me, when I just can't take it anymore I take a hot shower.  I use a heated throw, or heating pad.

Also, a very high percent of patients that suffer with Fibro also have a Thyroid disorder as well, so it would be a good idea to get labs done to help rule it out.  Since you do hunt and are outdoor a lot I would also get checked for Lyme's, also find out what the eruption on the base of your neck is!

Hope you feel better;  Sonflower
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Hi.  And thank you for the reply.  By the way you don't look old enough to be a great grandma.  No I've never had an MRI on my back.  That spot has been there for several years.

It sounds like you have and are going threw a bit too.  I take Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism but I'm wondering if I'm starting to go hyper.  My heart is back to driving me insane and most times now I'm up all night.  Hard to say though.  

I'm going to ask again about a Lyme test and vitamin D.  If she doesn't then when I find a ENDO I will ask them.  I'm just so very tired off having pains threw out my whole body and not know why or how to control them.

Thanks again for the reply,

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Thank you for asking me to be a friend,  I accepted.  I kept saying that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Fibromyalgia has so many different sx.  If you read up on Fibro you will see where it just varies.  I do not agree with the info that it does not get worse.  Mine wax and wanes.  If I overdo things, don't sleep well, have alot of stress it alwaus flares up. As far as winter versus summer it could just be r/t increased stress of holidays, weather issues, with increased stress comes decreased sleep, subsequently flareup of fibro.  There is alot on the internet regarding signs snd symptoms.  The arthritis foundation also has infor.I find that heat usually helps my pain either soaking in a hot bathtub full of hot water, wrapping up in a warm blanket etc.  As far as the lightheadiness in the summer it could be something just as simple as dehydration to anemia or any other thing.  Most people think they are drinking enough fluids but they do not take into consideration the incresed drinks with caffiene or increased body temp utilizing fluids.  My doc always told me to drink 2 glasses of h2o for each caffiene drink i drink. I wish you well.
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Hi.  Thank you for your friendship and also for the post.  Ditto on being sick of sick and tired.  My major pains seem to be in the winter months.   In the summer months I just pass out easy.  LOL  I have also had a lot of stress in my life lately.  Plus the weather has been back and forth a bit in which seems to make it worse. This all started in July actually this year.  The worst year ever so far.  Ouchyy.  Every year just seems to get worse.  As mentioned earlier I have issues with my thyroid, sugar and heart.  Ya.  LOL  I do drink alot of water any more; but, I like my coffee in the A.M..  Tonight I took a couple of Zanaflex and was able to mop the floors though the pressure was there it helped with the pain to get it done.  Though I will probably pay for that tomorrow.  LOL  Just getting down and frustrated with the none stop body pains everywhere.  I have edema but it's not like swelling like I'm feeling.  The pains are sooo very intense sometimes.  The worst has been in the last 3 months though.   Anyhow, sorry about all of the whining.  Thank you for your friendship and post.

God bless You;  Amy.

P.S.  Qute kitty pictures.
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Just taking time to wish yoy ans Merry Christmas abd I prayer that you and your family have a save and pinfree holiday.
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I have had extreme fibromyalgia for 25+ years.  Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by certain pressure points that when touched cause extreme pain and burning.  I have had friends side hug me and I almost start crying since you cannot touch any part of me without causing pain.  Even when I sleep I can feel a wrinkle in the sheet or any grain of ?  I wake up during the night trying to straighten my sheets or night shirt because the pain wakes me up.  I jokingly tell my friends I am like the princess and the pea(for real!)  

I have the same problem areas you list but what I have found that in my case the pain is 24/7 but it is worse in the winter.  My mother also noticed a behavior of mine which might be adding to your neck/back pain.  When my neck got cold, I would pull upwards on my back and neck to try to stop the pain since they felt like a nerve was pinched.  She finally convinced me that I need to put a scarf on something warm around my neck.  I did this and eliminated a large part of the back spasm and extra pain.  So cold in my opinion does exacerbate fibromyalgia.  What also helps is this ultraviolet light pad I use on my back, neck and knees which most times lowers my pain and helps relieve my upper back when I do get spasms.  On situations where nothing helps, I may use a vicodin/naprosyn combination once or twice a month since I am pro alternative solutions and have seen what pain medications have done to family members.  I also cannot move literally without using an herbal arthritis creme that alleviates some of my pain.  I can give you the names of these products if you are interested.  Hope this helped.
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I also have fibromyalgia, I know it was diagnosed at a young age, everyone tells me that. I also have more pain in the winter months, I recently went to a doctor when I was in so much pain I could not stand it anymore. The doctor gave me some pain pills and muscle relaxers, and a very long lecture. One of the main ways to control the spasms is to control the disease. I am not allowed to wear flip flops or any kind of sandle, I know it sounds strange, but giving your feet good support really does help, he had recomended Dr. Schouls? sorry cant spell worth a darn. He also recomended exersize, but he said the best way for that is swimming. It does not have the huge impact on your body that say walking or running does. I have also found that long hot baths help, actually if you own a hot tub, that is ideal, at least it was for me when I was living at home with my parents. With the bath, only part of your body is submerged, where in a hot tub you can basically submerge everything but your head. It really does help. One of the doctors also told me to alternate heat and cold, but cold really flares up my fibro, I do use icy hot when the muscles get really tense, it helps to relax them a little. Another good suggestion is to see a chiropractor. When your muscles tense (which causes the pain) they tend to pull your body out of alignment, I try and see a chiropractor as often as I can.  I hope these suggestions help you.
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Hi all & Thank you all for your comments.  

I do take a hot bath sometimes and that seems to help.  I have a very large claw foot tub that is deep enough also that I can soak my whole body.

I do walk on a treadmill and that seems to help some days; but, other days I cannot.  It's like I have stabbing Charley horses all over my body.  When I relax they seem to get worse.

The "only" burning feeling I have is in between the shoulder blades where it feels like tough skin that is sunburned.

Cold weather makes the spasms 10 times worse or a sudden change of temp.  I have also found that a scarf or ski type mask really helps during the cold winter months.

Today and yesterday though I'm pleased to say I do not have any spasms.  It's been ~ 5 months of pain.  I'm hoping that I don't have to deal with it for a while now.  Now it's just little twinges every now and then and some slight shoulder and back pain.  Nothing that is unbearable.  I guess that's the part that is confusing.   This happens every year for the last ~5 years or so like clock work and by the 6th month or so then I'm ok.  In the summer months I get lightheaded very easy though and very little spasms.  

Bottom line is I don't know if it can just go away like that from being in so verrrry much pain for months to next to nothing.?????

Thank you all.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and continue to have a Happy and Healthy New Years with many to follow.

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I missed Christmas because I was in so much pain. I had a headache that would put the average person without FM in the hospital.

The pain, dizziness, sadness, the complete flareup I am in is a combination of physical activity that pulled a muscle, anger and stress, and SSRI withdrawel.

Vicodin, and Soma a muscle relaxer taken hours apart and a heating blanket around my whole body is the only thing that gets me through it.

The perpetuating factor, depression and stress from emotions of withdrawal and weather.
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  Although it hasn't been quite a year since my DX, I've found that the cold hurts me terribly. I also am in a severe flare and this was due to doing too much and then riding in the car for 4 hours. We turned around and returned home the next day and that 4 hour trip back took me completely out. I hate what his disease has done to my family. I love them all with my whole heart, and knowing that they truely understand the fibro and how much it has taken away from me. Back to bed.

gentle hugs
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Thank you all for your comments.  
I don't even know what to say anymore.
Just getting really frustrated.  I am grateful that I had a couple days without pain but, now the weather has dropped and again I'm cold (in a 71 degree home), tired and in pain everywhere again all within one day.  

I feel like I'm turning into a hermit.  In the winter I'm always in pain and in the summer I get lightheaded very easy.  Grrrrr.  Well I guess that just leaves spring and fall now to live.  LOL   Sorry at this point I'm just venting.  

I would think that if it was Fibro or CFS I wouldn't have breaks in between.  I don't know.  Just trying to it figure out.  It doesn't make since to me.  My doctor said maybe it's because I get depressed in the winter months.  I never did before but after ~5 years of this I'm starting too.   LOL
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This winter has been worse then ever don't want to move it hurts to bad . Sitting under the electric blanket feels good, But sitting to long causes me to be stiffer. Don't even want the cat on my lap hurts.  Can't even hug the grand children hurts to much. Just have to wounder what is it all about? I am so done with the pain. Feel traped in this body. I have decided to  keep a journbal to see what caused worse days???
Don't want the kids to know of the pain so I make lies why I can't do things, or even go to church last week. wow thanks for letting me vent.
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i too suffer from fibromyalgia,was diadnosed in late 2005.the past two years it seems to be getting much worse but now i am aslo suffering from severe depression to the point that i don't want to go out of the house or be around people.the winter months seem to be worse than the summer,i stayed in nevada 2 months a few years back with my sister and i could not believe how good i felt other than having migraines.i can no longer hold a job because although i may feel good a few days,just after working for a short period i end up having a set back that lasts for weeks to months,i take pain meds and ,muscle relaxers that give me little relief,i also take anti depressants along with meds for hbp,and cholesterol and anxiety.i am currently trying to get disability,was denied in 2009.i wish people would get more informed of this disease and more understanding.i know this is long but i feel like i'm at my breaking point,does anyone else suffer from depression with the fibro,i know that it is because of the fibro that i am depressed because i used to be such an active and out going person and now i feel like i just exist.  Faith from TN
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I hope you feel better soon.  I'm glad you are able to at least get meds for it.  Our Dr's around here in PA don't give meds unless you "just" had surgery or broke a bone.  One month and that's it.  

I still have the same problems only my pains have gotten a lot worse.  Doing normal house cleaning now is a "real" chore.  After I'm on my feet for a hour my back feels like it's going to shatter into a million pieces.  My arms go numb for only a minute or so; but, very intense and my body aches all over, along with muscle spasms.  
When the temps swing from cold to warm and back again....it seems to make it worse.  I just feel wiped out for days sometimes because I can't sleep due to all of the pains and spasms.

2 years ago they stopped giving me any flexural.  I used to get ~90 pills per year.  
I don't get anything now and just live in pain because .....well I guess it's easier to restrict EVERYONE including those that REALY need the pain pill than catch the stupid ignorant people that are abusing them.  It's very frustrating!  My Dr. pressed on a few spots that didn't hurt and said it wasn't Fibro.  

I don't know what is causing all of my pains after many years.  That is frustrating in its self.  Anyhow, best of wishes to all of you.  
(((Gentle Hugs))))
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