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Can Vitamin D therapy increase pain???

I was Dx'd w/ low vitamin D, just weeks prior to my Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I've been taking 2000ui supplements once per day (with a meal, in the evenings - as was recommended) and have noticed a considerable increase and change in my pain symptoms. Before taking the supplement, my pain was more achy (like having the flu) in upper and lower regions of my body, mainly the large muscle areas. Now that I'm on the VitD, I still have the constant aching but it is accompanied by sharp or shooting pains that seem to originate from my 'tender points'.

Has anyone else had issues with this? I'm confused as to why I'd be more pain...isn't that backwards??
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I don't know when you began your Vitamin D, but it does take a while for it to begin to work.  I can't find where perhaps an overdose would cause this type of reaction, so I think you are safe there.  Since a lack of D can result in serious bone probs., it could be that your more susceptible to osteoporosis.  Did they check you for this?  The aching and pain from tender points sounds like fibro symptoms.  Even those who have great D levels have fibro symptoms.  You sound like you are having a bad flare-up.  

The D is helping you with your calcium and bones, but it isn't going to do much for the fibro.  I wish it would...I take a host of vitamins daily and really notice no difference in the way I feel.  I take B-12 because I had a deficiency (anemia)...and i'll be taking that forever.

Wish I could offer more help.  I know you are in pain and I can relate.  I pray you feel better soon.
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It is my opinion and the opinion of some other physicians that a low vitamin D result can be the consequence of an illness. What happens in many people who are chronically ill (myself included) is that we have a low vitamin D and a high vitamin D 1,25 result. It is the belief of some physicians now that this dysregulation happens due to intracellular bacteria. For more information, you can google, "vitamin D dysregulation".

Q: My chronic fatigue illness started with infectious mono. After about a year, a very low vitamin D level was discovered. My doc thinks that this played a role in my immune system failing to contain EBV. Are there any references on this?

Dr. Klimas: Low vitamin D is a frequent finding even in my sunshine state – Florida - and vitamin D is important to immune health. But I don't now if it was there to begin with or is a consequence of the illness.


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