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Can anybody advise me

"Can anybody advise me of NATURAL methods to help treat autoimmune conditions. I'm particularly interested in vitamins and diet?"
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Hey Vitabela,
Welcome to the forum. Regarding A/I conditions.
A few fundamental suggestions (from an earlier post of mine):
"1. LOW carb diet-if possible to follow SCD program combined with anti-candida diet-not easy to adhere but could be a life saver!!
2. Coconut Oil. Best is extra virgin. Start with 1T daily, week 2- 2T daily
and build up to 4T daily. Eliminate ALL cooking oils! Use only EVCO.
It does not cause inflammation as it does NOT alter with heat.
It converts to energy easily-does not store as fat. Increases metabolism.
Also it a great anti-fungal with antimicrobial,antiviral and antiparasitic qualities. For more info go to the coconut research website.
3. Malic acid supplementation. Corrects Tartaric Acid damage.
4. CoQ10 for ATP cellular energy production in the mitochondria.
5. Conscious deep breathing. Try for 7"- 7" - 7" inhale through the nose,
hold, exhale through the mouth and continue for 5-10'. Repeat throughout the day. Deep breathing through the diaphragm helps limit Lactic acid production associated with shallow breathing. Check also the normal breathing website for more details.
6. Drink plenty of filtered water or spring water.
7. Consider Hypnotherapy 6-12 sessions for fibro or like issues-pain,fatigue,sleep. Find a Therapist who works with fibro. It makes a huge difference (I can attest to this as I do Hypnotherapy among other Holistic Therapies)
8. Magnesium Oil transdermal treatment. Spray, massage Magnesium Oil
(Magnesium Chloride  flakes with distilled water 50-50) on your body except sensitive areas and leave on 20-30' and then shower well.
Use a long handle brush afterwards to brush your entire body for lymphatic stimulation.
9. Eat nutrient dense quality fresh and organic foods, avoiding processed
and multi-ingredient products.
10. Do heavy metals detox. Remove mercury fillings if you have any.
11. Do engage in light activity EVERY day. Short walks, bouncing on mini trampoline, swimming in the pool-anything you can do at all! Do not stay put for too long.
12. Meditate before going to sleep. Listen to meditation cds if not able to meditate.
Following just some of the above suggestions will make a significant difference in you energy levels.
Magnesium delivery is usually an issue as many people get diarrhea from the powder.  The magnesium oil transdermal application is a safer and more efficient method."

And another part of an earlier post of mine, where I suspected leaky gut syndrome :
"If I were you, I would get tests for deficiencies including Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Next I would consult with a knowledgeable Holistic Health Practitioner to get your Digestive/GI issues looked after- gut dysbiosis and possibly leaky gut syndrome.
80% of your immune system function is within the gut.
For immediate action, consider:
Transdermal Magnesium Chloride, Transdermal Aloe Vera leaf gel,
Sublingual or IV Methylocobalamin, sublingual emulsified D3 drops
and Transdermal Glutathione ( glutathione transdermal anhydrous cream 50g  20% Glutathione -reduced- in 40grams of lipoderm anhydrous base, so you have 10grams of glutathione in the cream. See an old fashioned
Pharmacist to make you this)"

Please research on your own the above and use what you consider safe and appropriate for your condition and circumstances.
If you need more details do not hesitate to post again or pm me directly.
Natural and holistic is my "Modus Operandi"!
Also look into "oil pulling" with extra virgin coconut oil, as it will eliminate another source of toxins and harmful bacteria from going in your body!
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