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Canada Pension Plan Disability

I am wondering if there are any Canadians out there that receive CPP Disability. I applied and was denied. I have put in a second try. They said I should be able to work somewhere even if I can't go back to my work. I can't use my hands for more than about 15 minutes and they start to throb like an infected tooth. I can't stand for more than 10 minutes and then my back feels like it is going to break. I can't sit for more than maybe 45 minutes. I asked the lady what kind of job I am suppose to look for with all my problems and she replied it is not my department. Can anyone give me any ideas. I wrote them a 5 page letter with all of my problems.
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You may want to check out the following web page and browse the site in general a bit as well.  I have CFS and I'm a few months away from having to apply for disability, so I'll be very interested in hearing how it goes for you.  Anyway, here's the page:


Honestly, I can't imagine ANY job you could possibly do with your limitations, and I think that very much needs to be reiterated.  It sounds to me like you got a very prejudiced review by people who have probably seen far too many fakers...or at least have decided that they're all fakers.
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It will be very difficult to get CPP disability  for fibro or CFS........My deceased husband was partially paralyzed after a stroke.....and he appled many times and was always turned down....the man I am with now has Progressive M.S. and he got it without a blink of an eye.....because his M.S. is incurable and a death sentence for him and he will only get worse.....but if you are thought to be able to do some form of work......you will unlikely get CPP disability.  It is impossible to get it even from the province ODSP for fibromyalgia, CFS and even for Crohn's Disease as all are considered to being able to do some form of work.  You will definately have to have your doctor fill in your medical part of your application for CPP disability...and if you have other disabilities other than Fibro,CFS....then they can also be focused on......it really all depends on what your doctor says in the application.....as to ...how far you are able to walk without sitting down for several minutes, or that you cannot walk at all or do you use a cane....etc.etc.
It has to be pretty bad before you can get CPP disability....
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Hi, I'm on CPP Disability. I have been for close to 19 years. I  have Fibro. but also Lupus, Anti Coagulating Blood Clot Syndrome, Raynauds and a few others. When I was diagnosed with Lupus, I had to leave work. Started on Short term disability but had to go to long term because of my health failing. I applied to CPP Dis. with every letter, notes from all my doctors. Hospital visits (there were many) anything to prove that I couldn't go back to work. I was approved right away.

Keep applying, get your doctor to fill out the medical forms. Letters from all your doctors. Don't give up.

I wish you all the best......
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Thank you for all your comments. I have been denied once already. I was working in an office for the past 18 years. The Rheumy said I have probably had it for the past 24 years. I was diagnosed with Lupus then told no I don't have it, then it was Hepatitis B then no I don't have it, then it was Rheumatoid Arthritis, then no I don't have that either. Then they did a bone scan & was told I had Arthritis in my hips & shoulders. This flare started in October 2007 & hasn't let up. Did a bone scan & a miracle happened I don't have Arthritis in my shoulders or hips either. Absolute bull on the doc's part. I was diagnosed in Jan. 2008 with FM & he said it was probably always FM. I was put off of work in Feb. 08 as I can hardly use my hands for more than 5-10 minutes before they start to throb like an infected tooth. I am not good at discribing my pain. Both doc's of mine said I can't work the specialist said I have a severe case of FM & can not work, & so did my family doc. I asked the lady that called me, if I can work at something please explain what when I can't use my hands for more than 10 minutes, can't stand in one place for more than 5 minutes before my back feels like it is going to break, can't sit in one spot for to long & I am absolutely worn out after having to go get the mail at the end of the driveway or go for groceries. I said please tell me what kind of job to apply for & her response was that is not my department.
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Have the doctor's ruled out all of the other stuff like M.S.  etc.  I really hope that you can get CPP .....a suggestion Is to keep on trying and applying......hugs
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Yes they have tested me for everything even vitamin defisincy ( spelt wrong) and all came back okay. I have 18 of the 18 tender points. I have been suffering since Oct. 07. I have appealled, I guess the next step after that is tribunal?
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