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Can't move my neck

I have Fibromyalgia and for the past 3 months, the left side of my neck, down to my spine has been hurting!  I have not been able to turn my neck to the left at all.  Then I have been having shooting pains which feel like electricity running down my spine.  I took a blood test and my ANA was 1:40...can I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus?
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I understand your pain my neck is progressively worse. It doesn't just come for a couple days then leave for two weeks, it has been a month since I have not had neck/upper shoulder pain. Now it constantly pops. cracks, crunches, and I get sharp shock like snaps-it is one of the top three on my list of the worst to cope with, along with everything else.

To answer your question....ANA factor should be "1:0" to get a neg result. Positive is obviously like your result. Since I have had FM my ANA has been Pos and Neg several times. There is no true for sure way to test with 100% accuracy FM. Do you have a lot of the trigger point pain they say is an accurate way to diagnose FM?

Good luck getting to the bottom of it, I know it can drive you past insane getting a diagnosis!
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Thank you for responding...Actually, I have been diagnosed with FM for a long time.  I have never had continuous pain everyday like I have been having.  I really hope that I don't...The sharp shock like snaps, that's a great description...I really pray that I don't have Lupus along with FM., I appreciate your post...have a great day!
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The electrical shock thing down the spine really sounds like an MS symptoms. Have you had an MRI of your brain recently? Any vision issues? Dizziness? Tingling/Numbness in extremities or major part of body?
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I am going today to the Rheumatologist...I hope not!  My left eye has been twitching...about a month ago, it was hard to focus...my hands go numb when I hold the phone...everything on my left side...I will have some answers today...thanks for responding!  I really appreciate it...
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What ever happened with your diagnosis? I ask because I have your exact symptoms and also has a 1:40 ANA. The doctors have not yet been able to give me a definitive diagnosis. so I am very curious if you learned anything. Please let me know.
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I was just wondering if you are on an antidepressant.  I was taking Lexapro for about 3 years.  When I would run out and go a day or more without it, I would have the shocklike feelings you described.  It is a form of withdrawal from the meds called brain shivers. I had to taper down very gradually to get off of them.
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Fibromyalgia, is a catch all term for general aches pains and serious lack of energy. This combined with a stiff neck would indicate that your immune system is fighting with something, perhaps even itself. The question is what are all your other symptoms couldyou have a pathogenic or systemic explanation for your condition. Consider, Leptospirosis or Chlamydia primarily, Reiters syndrome is potential. Both these pathogens can result in stiff necks and have an immune mediated state where it exists in areas of the body your where your  immune system is less effective, eg cerebro-spinal fluid, synovial fluid and large bones and white tissue masses.

Whatever you have, don't simply accept that just because they can not detect a pathogen that there is not one hiding out.

Sexually Assocated Reactive Arthritis
HPL Human Persitent Leptospirosis
Reiters Syndrome

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Fibromyalgia is more than a catch all term for 'general aches, pains and lack of energy'.  This seems to trivialize the illness.  Biopsies have failed to show any type of pathogenic changes or abnormalities in musculoskeletal tissues.  Latest research has pretty much taken it out of the rheumatic dx and placed it within the neurological branch.  

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I go to a neurologest and Pain Management DR. as well as my family DR.and many many others.They have informed me that fibro is a neurological problem. and can effect any part of your body. I to have the neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.however I was wondering if you have been checked for degenerative disc desease or bone spurs it to can cause this kind of pain as well, I have both.However dear friend I hope you get the answers you need and that all will go well for you, I will remember you in my prayers,Please let us know how you are doing,Were all in this together and maybe we can help each other.
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