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Carpal tunnel and Fibromyalgia

Hope your all doing well.  I finally got my results on Friday from previous MRI of spine and study done on hands.
Well I do have carpal tunnel of both hands right hand worst and I need surgery, doctor says its very common for fibromyalgia patients to have it.  

I also have osteoarthritis of the spine. Needless to say I've been very upset.  More medications and surgerys in my future.  The doctor says I'm too young for this lol, it usually happens to older people.  I was upset because I was hoping for a better dx something that therapy could fix so pain would go away.

My question is does anyone else have carpal tunnel or osteoarthritis?

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I'm sorry you are upset and are having to go through so much.  I know it's hard to accept these changes when your mind is still saying "you can"...and the body says "nut uh".

I don't have osteo, but degenerative disc disease.  I feel the carpal tunnel occurs from overuse...like typing or something that is repetitive.

I hope they can help you and get you feeling much better soon.  We'll be right here with a shoulder.  Please take care.
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I do also have degenerative disc disease, and some other things wrong with my spine, what bothered me most was the osteoarthritis. Thanks for the shoulder, I truly appreciate it.
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I have fibro. and carpal tunnel as well. Before you have surgery please try other ways to help the carpal tunnel.  When mine was diagnosed my hands were going numb a lot and I had been knitting alot too.  So I sometimes have to give the needlework a rest and sometimes wear splints or braces at night and it really has helped alot....I also have finally found exercises to improve the strength in my wrists and even tho' I don't do them as much as I should I find my wrists, the carpal tunnel and the tendonitis I have had since last June has all been improved.
It's so hard to tell what is related to what when one has fibromyalgia and I am not sure doctors know either so I have learned to listen to my body and my intuition more and treat myself gently...hope you are feeling better
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  I also have carpal tunnel and I have osteoarthritis. Both very painful, and I also need surgery, and I told them not right now. I take a long time to heal, and that alone is enough for me not to have surgery. I also use splints at night, and I have had to cut back on my quilting, but I refuse to stop all together.
   The osteoarthritis I have in all of my joints as well as RA, I have a triple whammy.

gentle hugs
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Thanks for the information.  I also decided not to have surgery on wrist or back.  I will try the splint at night and exercises for wrist.  When I can't tolerate the pain any longer then maybe I will look into surgery.
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I have carpel tunnel, Fibro, Lupus, Raynauds, OA of the spine and knees, DDD, Costochondritis, and tendonitis aka tennis elbow, but I've never heard fibro being a cause or a reason to get carpel tunnel. It usually comes from repetitive use of your hands. I know my Rheumy says most people with lupus or another autoimmune disease have Fibro. It makes sense having a bad autoimmune system to end up with fibro.
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Yep, I have DDD with Fibro. When my DDD is acting up like it did Friday and exspecially last night(Saturday) I want to die.  The pain is so bad, nothing but a REAL PAIN med could help. It leaves me completely tired out and NO sleep. I'm up again tonight some from just aching.  I have found the Fibfo. Netowork and I want to become an advocate for this mess.  Something has to be done to make doctors, health care people, friends and family more aware of what we feel and what is going on.  Am I off base. Plus, I want to somehow help find a way to get more help for those of us without insurance or any health care help.  Being without help is the pits also.
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