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Colon cleasing...

okay ya'll,
i know some folks don't like to talk about cleaning you colon out, but i'm on to something. so please just read me out.

about three weeks ago i was ready to give up on my life, after all i had everything i needed to complete this task right at my finger tips. and decided that i would deal with killing myself, later on. it wasn't about the husband, kids, family or friends (uk2, chrisneedshelp, brandy, cruls, platgirl, softbaygurl, etc.), i was tired of all the hell driven, totally unnecessary, unprovoked pain that i was going through.

so as i questioned myself for the last time, i than remembered something, i had not tried everything possible.  
i remembered reading about cleaning your colon, and how some dr.'s say that death and life begins in the colon, and how most people in america are malnourished because of all the guck and glue we eat.
so i postponed my scheduled death, and decided to try a 90 day program.

ya'll, that has been the best $200. plus dollars that i have spent.
i'm smiling now,
washing dishes,
folding laundry,
talking to my husband, and not getting a migraine afterwards because of the bass in his voice.
i'm helping my girls with school projects,
not watching the clock, hating to see the time draw closer for my family to come home because i feel so worthless around them.
not hiding!
i have energy now, i don't have to pull myself up 8 stairs. i can walk them now.
and most of all, i am going to the bathroom, using the toilet and actually felling that my bowels have moved.

because i don't have a weak stomach, and a great since of humor, and not affraid to look, i have passed many types of parasites according to research that i have done.

one reason that i've stay solong in contact with this website is because of you, you that have helped me through some very ruff times. you all have become a part of me, my thought, my prayers.

so i give this to you all, to all that will read this, something that is helping me.

just think about it...

much love, softhugs,

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I may have MS or Fibro or both but my mom has Fibro and Chemical sensitives and does this colon cleansing and swears by it. I am personally thinking no way for me but I am chicken for sure. She has done it on and off for years and I must say she is in much better shape then before and better then me.
SO I guess if you have the right person and you can handle this I have seen it work.
she would be proud of me making this post as it sorry is just not a thing I can deal with and give her a hard time about! ;-)

I think if done right carefully and it helps more power to you brave ones,
signed chicken dgtr
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That is very interesting, I will have to research this colon cleansing now.

Thank You for your informative post, I bet everyone would benifit from it.
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