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Constant pain

How does everyone handle all the pain?  I had back surgery in April 2007 of L4/L5 w/ fusion and rods and was finally diagnosed in October 2008 with fibromyalgia.  so i am dealing with two issues but i can not stand the pain!  I am on vicodin daily, lyrica, and cymbalta.  I am at a lose of how to handle it anymore.  
The list is to long to tell all i have tried and it did not work.
I am going in Friday morning for the doctor to put a dye in my back to see about scar tissue and to remove any around the nerves in my back.  I am trying to work also....cant afford to not work and just colapse into bed as soon as i get home.  I have no quality of life at this time.  
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I can sympathize with your pain.  I had surgery and an implant that left me with Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy and have pain daily, along with the fibro.  I've stopped taking anything that I absolutely did not need and found that it wasn't helping that much to begin with.

You may be a candidate for Spinal Cord Stimulation.  This is something you could discuss with your doc. on Friday at your visit.  I would inquire about removal of scar tissue vs. additional surgery that will also leave scar tissue.  SCS may be an alternative to more surgery of that nature.

I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain.

Take care of yourself.
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