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Could this be fibromyalgia?

My husband has been having "episodes" every 4-6 weeks for past couple years.  Severe all over muscle aches, severe fatigue, depression and loss of appetite. Has seen PCP, neuro, and Rheumatologist with no diagnosis.  Is completely debilitated, lying in bed for 4-5 days.  Has anyone diagnosed with Fibro. experienced anything like this?  I would appreciate any response.  Thank you.
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Likewise experiencing the same symptoms.
I am 38 and this happened to me Last Sept 6 initally.
Don't know if this is fibro?
I am likewise afraid if same symptoms can be associated with any cancer.
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Thanks for reply. Have you seen any doctors or had any tests?  Do the spells come and go?
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These symptoms could be fibromyalgia or could be any number of auto-immune issues.  Please see a rheumatologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Hi Trudie,
Will see a rheumatologist within this week?
My neuro initial findng is peripheral neuropathy.
Can this be associated with fibro?
Prescribed Neurontin and mecobalamin.
Not convinced since I dont get any better>
My Ortho gave me Celebrex for pain and inflamation,feels better but I am worried about the potential side effects of using this drug. I am taking only if I feel I cant tolerate pain.
Cant get enough sleep>Awaken in wee hours of the morning and cannot get back to sleep.
have cold feet and hands.
I am worried>
My Cervical Spine MRI is normal.
Just experience initially in Sept. Dizziness,Nausea,tingling and numbness in face and in both lower legs>
They gave me celebrex>
ANd had a panic attack in October 21, numbness and tingling again both lower legs and then going up to face>Went to ER.
Neuro finding is peripheral neuropathy>
Despite medications my muscle pains went worst>until now.
Need 2nd opinion of a rheumatologist.
Have been reading a lot about fibro and joined this community.
Hope I dont have any cancer. Thats my worry>
I am stressed...huhuhu..
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I just wanted to say good luck w/your appointment this week. Your symptoms could be fibro or something else , like TrudieC says.  I take Neurontin for FMS and it helps, but definitely does not take the pain away.  It just lowers it a little.  I Don'twant to take the other available drugs at this time due to their side effects so I'm trying to work w/the Neurontin.  
The sleep pattern you describe definitely sounds like FMS.  With FMS, sleep patterns are totally disrupted, and people cannot achieve the deeper levels of sleep where muscle repair takes place.  The less you sleep, the more you hurt and vice versa.
Most people w/FMS take something to help with sleep.  After many trials and bombs, I am taking Ambien CR, which helps a lot.  However, who knows if my insurance is going to pay for it (my samples run out today).  
Also, as an aside, panic attacks can cause numbness and tingling.  Years ago, when I had them my face would go numb at times.
Good luck and please let us know what happens!
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Waaa..you are right.
I had 2 panic attacks and I rushed to the ER.
I had this numbness and tingling all over my face.
I was so scared as these are my first times.
I thought I was having a stroke.
I first experience the attack, Sept 6.
Again October 21.
I stopped Neurontin, I dont know if this ok.
I would like to go for 2nd opinion.
I am just taking mecobalamin.B12 supplement.
But I dont know if this helps since the tingling is experienced daily.
Do i need to ask my neuro for a medication for the sleep disorder?
Thanks for the thoughts. Appreciate it
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I take a B12 supplement also.  I take a number of other supplements as well.  You may want to ask for a vitamin D test if you haven't had one as a lot of people w/FMS are vit D deficient.  (I'm not, but I take D anyway, because the studies keep adjusting the amount of D we need up, and it won't hurt)
How long did you take the neurontin before you stopped it?  If you took it for a while and it didn't work I would talk to your neuro about another medicine for your pain.
Since you are going to see a rheumatologist, let them know as well what is and isn't working for you.  Also, let them know how disrupted your sleep is, as it is a symptom they will want to consider.  At this time ask them about possible sleep aids.
I hope you get a definite diagnosis soon!
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Thanks for the info on Vit D issue.
What is the kind of test to know if you are deficient?
Is it through blood test?
I am also going for an endocrinologist.
Maybe I have hormonal imbalance as well.
I am 38, is it possible I am experiencing andropause? :-(
Hope I have nothing serious.
Desperate to really know my sickness.
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Yes, a blood test will show vitD deficiency.  I don't have any experience w/andropause but it definitely worn't hurt to get it checked out!
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Have you been checked for Lyme Disease as it flares up every 4 weeks and causes neuropathy and sleep problems??  Just another thought.
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I live in the Philippines.
Can i get it here.
How do I get tested for Lyme disease?
Please help.
Btw, I was diagnosed with RLS and is on medication - not sure if DX is ok.
I am experiencing pains from buttocks,pelvic going down to legs.
IS this Sciatica syndrome?
I also have been seen with mucous retention cyst in my sinus and is experiencing post nasal drip.
I have now a sore throat and has difficulty swallowing at times.
Also experiencing migraine headaches.
Antibiotics did help recover and gain strength but y sore throat is still not gone.

Recently i was tested and my ANA is positive...DOnt know if I have SLE? hope not.
To sleep, I still need to take Xanor/Xanax at night.

Any thoughts....

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Your systems sound infection related.  Given your location, Lyme is probably unlikely.  Have you considered another antibiotic?  A positive ANA may lower your chances of fighting infection.  Also antibiotics such as Levaquin can cause neuro symptoms in some people.  A CT scan of your sinuses may help too.  Best of Luck
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How to test for Lyme is a Lyme Titer Blood Test, WEstern Blot, and a spinal tap especially with all the neuro symptoms to rule out any other neuro diseases.
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