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Cymbalta and Lyrica

What exactly are cymbalta and lyrica? Aren't they anti-depressants? How do they help with the pain? Do they help with chronic fatigue as well? I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, and the aches and pains(especially legs from my thighs to my ankels) are leading the doctor to think fibromyalgia. I was just wondering about these meds because I NEED some relief and I've heard many mentions of these meds. Can they be taken with provigil?
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To start off, I would think the dr. or pharmacist should tell you if these med could be taken w/ provigil.

Cymbalta is a med that is supposed to help with the sleep problem that often occurs w/ fibromyalgia as well as the muscle pain.  Lyrica is also supposed to help with the sleep problem, muscle pain and the tingling in extremeities.  My dr. had told me not to take cymbalta and lyrica together... but again you NEED to consult a professional on that.  I was not able to take either meds because they made me too loopy (swimmy headed).  So I do take a benadryll to help me sleep.  Good deep sleep is very important.

Hope this helps,  God bless, Kara
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I have chronic lower left rib pain, back pain, etc...

I'm extremely stressed out all the time.

My doctor gave me cymbalta and I felt like a new person. No pain, energy. I loved it.

But I had a rare side effect (of course) where I had trouble urinating and I had to stop taking it.

While I was on it, it really helped me. Now I'm back to constantly hurting and aching.
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So, simply put, both medications are for help with sleeping problems? They figure, if you sleep better, you'll have less problems during the day(muscle aches, pains)?
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I've been taking Lyrica for about 2 years and am now down to a 1/2 dose on it. I have fibro/CFS and was taking OC the equiv of 64 percocet a day, and I'm only 120lbs.

The Lyrica has given me my whole life back!! It works for neurological pain, as does Neurontin. For me, just me, it has been nothing short of a miracle as I was looking at taking full disability due to the fibro. The Cymbalta they say helps with the pain and depression, I take that as well.

The other med I take for sleep is called Trazadone, please look it up on a med site for an overview. It allows me to get REM sleep, which is what I lack that causes the CFS. There is NO next-day drowsiness, that is what was most important for me.

Best to you.
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yes I believe cymbalta is an antidepressant...but reportedly does help with pain, not sure on this??
the lyrica is (as far as I know) an anticonvulsant so is neurontin(gabapentin)...they both work on nerve pain such as sciatica that radiates down the thighs and legs.
I have been on the neurontin for a few years and it does work very good IF you're pain is due to neuropathy (nerve pain)
hope this answers some of you're question
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