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Has anyone tried or currently use Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia. My primary care Dr. wants me to try it for my pain. I have glaucoma, it's under controlled but im still afraid to take it because of the side affects. Im in so much pain most of the time. I also have non hodgkns lymphoma and sarcoidosis and both are in remission , and I pray I can get some kind of relief. I really would like to hear some input on this.
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I took Cymbalta for depression, however, I noticed a relief in pain of FMS with my first dosage.  I discontinued it when I began taking Ultram (as they sometimes do not mix well).  

Anything that requires a prescription will come with certain side-effects...one needs to try the medication to see how it works and weigh if the difference in pain is significant enough for them to continue taking, as compared with the side-effects.  What helps one, may not help the other.  For some, Cymbalta does work and I can say that it did for me when I was taking it.

I hope you find relief soon and take care.
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I was recently perscribed Cymbalta, thought I've not yet taken it for the same reason as you.. side effects. I'm a long-time sufferer of panic attacks and I'm always afraid of feeling "weird" or "out of it" from taking a new med. I'm going to try it tomorrow though, since I'm in so much pain with my Fibromyalgia that I'll just take the panic attacks at this point. Hopefully it will be a good experience. I'll let you know. :)
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I have been taking Cymbalta for about 3 years for my fibro and it helps the pain quite a lot.  I still have flares, altho not as often...I don't think they can be avoided.  But the Cymbalta has greatly improved the daily pain so that I am functioning better.  And lucky for me, no side effects.
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I take Cymbalta,
60mg in the AM,
30mg in the pm.
originally prescribed for the depression, but my shrink Dr. also knew it would possibly help with the fibro. And for me, it does. together, we waited over a year for it to come on the market. she knew it would serve both purposes.No side effects.
It has controlled most of the pain, the whole cocktail of meds i am on, finally work all together..(buspar,lexapro)

the Fibro Dr. has me on Orudis 75mg 2 x a day.
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