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Hi all,

Thank you for your welcomes...I am new to this site.  A little about me, I have been dx with several illness over the past few years and I am curious how everyone was dx with Fibro?  I was dx in 2002 after the birth of my daughter. They told me because I was in a trama car wreck and that because my mother has it that those are the underlying factors as to why I have it. They ruled out MS and Lupus and really did nothing to treat it or help me. I still don't have a specific dr to treat it, But due to my other illness, Chiari Malformation along with several spinal deformities I see pain management and they are the ones who without directly treating the fibro, are.  The meds I am on for everything else help with some of the fibro pain. I still get the nasty flare ups that last for 3 weeks sometimes. Does it last that long for anyone?
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   I am so sorry that you have such pain and then have a small child on top of that. Bless your heart. My flares usually haven't lasted more than a couple of day to a week, but I'm having the evils own time getting this latest one to settle. Just about the time that I think I'm going to be able to crawl out, the weather changes and zaps me back down again. I hope you start feeling better.

gentle hugs
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Welcome.  I was dx'd approx. 5 yrs. ago, but I can trace the symptoms back to my teen years.  At that time they called it 'fibrocitis'.  When I was dx'd I had gone to see my physician because my ankles had hurt continuously for over 3 mos.  (My mother also had the symptoms of FMS).  Flare-ups are different for everyone.  I am typically achy most days, with a few inbetween where it wanes.  There are also days where I can stay in bed for 48 hrs. to recoup from a bad flare.  And as Angel commented, the weather changes have a huge impact.  

It's good that they have done the test to rule out MS and Lupus. The CL of MedHelps Chiari Forum (selma) has some interesting info. regarding a potential link between those with Chiari and FMS.  

I hope you can gain some information between the two forums that will help you know more about these illnesses and how they interact.  Praying you feel better soon.
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