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Diffuse muscle pain, chronic fatigue getting worse, high platelets

Can someone shed light on this for me please! I have been "diagnosed" with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  I have a neck  injury from prior domestic abuse.  I am getting worse.  I don't know where to turn next to get help.  I am frustrated at 3 hours a day I have to do something and then I have to lay down. Anyone know of any more tests to ask for, any new diagnoses?  I am on Cymbalta and Percocet 5 mg. I hurt. I hurt so bad. Sometimes it feels like my bones ache.  I would love to look up or try your ideas for something to help.  I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic care, hot tubbing, medicine, walking every day 2 miles (and then not much after that!!)  I am willing to be in a trial! Thank you. Just found this site.
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Hi MovieStarMo.

Your neck injury, has likely more than just physical manifestions.
It is possible that the domestic abuse, has left you mental and emotional
trauma, which has not been resolved.
I can give you some ideas-actually if you do a search here under
"IWILLDOTHIS" it will take you to a thread, where will find many suggestions to help you manage Fibromyalgia a little better.

As far as mental & emotional trauma goes, if you truly want your life back,
you should consider a compehensive healing plan, including therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy, energy psychotherapy, EFT, chakra healing
biofeedback etc.
In the absence of such a plan, your complete recovery, or at least significant improvement, is not possible to my opinion- only symptom management.

If you need some more info ,let me know.

Best wishes.

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Unfortunately there is absolutly no blood test or the like for fibro. There are pressure point tests a neurologist can do, other symptoms ie fibro fog, certain changes in vision, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and depression that must all be taken into account before a true diagnosis. They want to rule out any curable possibilities, as fibro in not curable. Restless leg syndrome is another symptom when combined with all of the others.
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Many people do not realize that Fibromyalgia is not one specific disease,
but rather an umbrella which encompasses a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms so it can be classified as a syndrome.

Please avoid placing too much emphasis on the diagnosis, as this may put you mind at "ease", tending to attribute various symptoms you might experience to fibromyalgia.
The danger in this is that there might be underlying unresolved causative
factors or other parallel conditions, not linked to fibromyalgia, which would not likely get investigated thoroughly, thus leaving you vulnerable to:

a. remain in perpetual limbo
b. sustain irriversible damage from siginificant prolonged organ or bodily system involvement.

Please do a search here under "IWILLDOTHIS" , a thread I started in the past, with many tips and suggestions to help with FMS.

Best wishes,
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I can tell you how I went from being nearly bedridden to being nearly completely healthy.  I moved to the San Jose, CA area and ramped up walking until I made it to one hour a day.  I could do this nearly every day out there.  Then I was up to doing yoga, tai chi, hiking, most anything others could do (but not as well as an athlete).  The other best things for me were drinking a lot of water, the Body Ecology Diet, BodyFlex breathing and spiritual/emotional healing through a support group (I was the only Fibromyalgia sufferer in the group - it doesn't need to be specific - just people who will stand by you through the good and bad days).  Because I got to feeling so good, I got cocky and moved with my husband to Iowa when he was offered a good position.  I went downhill slowly and have had hip arthroscopic surgery.  I'm hoping to climb back to health once again. I'm finally able to do BodyFlex again, and I'm on the treadmill (slow) 90 minutes a day.  I finally feel well enough to follow the BE diet again, so I'm feeling hopeful I'll do well, even if we don't move back to California.  I hope you find something that works for you.  God bless!
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