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Disability Living Allowance

Have you heard the UK budget today? It took me 2 years and 2 tribunals in my bedroom to have a disallowed appeal reversed. This is the only benefit i get. They have now stated that everyone on D.L.A. has to be reassessed!
Oh, not another nightmare! I have a piece of paper which states I have been granted this amount until 2012.
If you are working and someone else takes over the company, they have to abide by your original comtract. So, if the government changes and the last one  made this contract with me, I would think that would stand.
How dare they do this to people who can't fight back?
I have been examined by totally useless doctors, some very rude and most who have no knowledge whatsoever about C.F.S.
I made a formal complaint about the last one.
So, anyone in theUK who may be affected by this, don't let them tread on you, tell them you have a written contract. If they insist you see one of their doctors (Usually a locum  who, in my case claimed for double the time he was here) say you don't mind seeing a qualified specialist in your condition. you are not seeing an incompetent locum (in my case every one I've seen from the D.L.A.)
Seek advice from all help agencies and groups.
They're trying to save money by targetting groups of sick people . That's sick.
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