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Do I have fibromyalgia?

I'm in a little ADD group on facebook and i was posting my symptoms and one friend PMed me and told me she thinks i have fibromyalgia instead. She has it herself. She recommended this book called What you Doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia. I have been hurting a lot lately. I started a job at McDonald's on May 3rd and that contributes to it but i should have gotten used to it but I haven't. I've had to reduce my days and hours. This coming week ill work Thursday 8-5 but Friday 12-5 and the next week I'll have 3,4 hr days. Here are all the symptoms in the ADD group I posted:

Yeah you should see the mess in our room! Plus we're tired from working.

My un-motivation is not from not wanting to do something although occasionally it can be but not all the time. Blah.

Unfortunately depression and anxiety are a big part of this!

Basically when im in a great happy mood is when i have ADHD. Other times i have ADD. It is only every once in a while i can get the hyper ADHD.

I think i have a big case of plain ADD right now. Totally unmotivated. Sitting here all blah and meh. I was a bit depressed for no reason earlier before i took a shower.

Do you ever all of a sudden feel unmotivated to go to the meeting although you kind of want and know you should? I feel bad for that. :/ (by meeting I mean the kingdom hall-we're jehovah's witnesses). (end of posts)

I also have been getting confused a lot lately even at simple things i should be able to do. I have a poor memory. If I have fibromyaglia I believe i really suffer from that fibrofog. I'm young I shouldn't be hurting this much or this bad. I'm 24 years old. I feel bad i can't do stuff. I'm tired all the time. It's too expensive to go to a Doctor. I did buy that book I mentioned on our tablet for only $8. Can y'all be help? Thanks. :)
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Where is your pain? Look up the tender pressure points for Fibro. It sounds like FM to me. I have had it for 12 years. I would describe it as feeling like you're body is buried in wet sand... that's what it feels like to move. Exhaustion has always been my worst symptom. Nothing has ever helped... except massage. Best Wishes.
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My main symptoms are exhaustion, flu-like aches and pain, my skin hurts to touch, typical FMS tender points, and fibro fog.  I try to avoid excess stress, foods like cause inflammation (white bread, etc), excess white sugar and food additives.  I, also, try to get good quality sleep, eat the four main foods groups in appropriate quantities and drink plenty of water. (Be sure that your sleep isn't being poorly affected by caffeine, snoring, or restless leg syndrome.)  It hasn't cured me but I have been having less "episodes".
A "foggy" brain can be caused by different things, be sure to talk to your doctor.
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