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Do I have fibromyalgia?

At the moment im feeling extremely exausted, lack of concentration,do not sleep properly at night,headaches and migraines,numbness and awful pain in my arms and legs,painfull menstruation, from extremely cold my bodies goes to very hot, i urine a lot,palpitations,feeling low(mood) im having a sensation of lump in my throat,im sensitive to bright lights,noises and odors...
Thank you
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The symptoms of FM overlap with those of many other illnesses. The diagnosis is that of deduction.
For instance Lyme disease and FM are very similar, so is thyroid dysfunction and FM etc. You need to see a doctor and make sure you are tested and rule out everything else.
Then keep testing
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You're right but unfortunately the doctors instead of sending me for some blood test are actually thinking that i need to see a psychologist instead despite of all my physical symptoms.
Im very desperate to be honest but yes indeed i need to keep trying hopefully in the end ill get a proper diagnosis.
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That is infuriating. I'm not a doctor but migraines and numbness do not seem like symptoms of a psychological nature.
Keep me posted as to how you are. I hope you find a doctor who is open to testing you physically!
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See if you can at least be referred to a neurologist for the migraines.  It's not a complete answer.  I have the same symptoms as you're describing here.  I'm not sure that the neurologist fully agrees about the FMS, but he doesn't argue about the migraines whatsoever.  The good thing about seeing the neurologist is that he at least doesn't treat the migraines as if they aren't real.  He experiences them himself, so he at least appreciates the misery of migraines.  And, the thing is, uncontrolled migraines can put a person at a higher risk for things like stroke.  It doesn't mean we're going to keel over with a stroke any minute, but it does put us in a higher risk for things like TIA or full on strokes.

Don't be overly concerned if the neurologist also uses SSRI medications.  It's just part of the protocol.  I ended up being too sensitive to medications to even be able to use these medications, so the neurologist is using other stuff.

I can't help much with the throat pain, because I've been experiencing the same thing without knowing the exact cause for it.  I have a doctor appointment to see about that in a couple of weeks.
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Hello :) how you doing?
Can I just say thank U for your support, it feels good to be understood :)
I had some news...yesterday night at quarter to one after switching off the light I started to see very bright lights then after that i started to feel those needdles,tingling sensations again,scent getting sharper and on the top of that starting to see ants everywhere I simply went mad. I rush to the hospital as my temperature was dropping and had to stay there for the night.
In the morning i saw a psychiatrist who diagnoses me with Formication I was in Shocked!!
The doctor gonna start my new treatment tomorrow morning but that won't stop me investigate further.
@Phtartist Thank you so much for your support.Ur comment help me take some actions.
I really hope ur doing well.I can't wait to hear from you.
@FurballsMum I am so sorry to hear that you're going through the same thing as me too :( have experience those bright lights hallucinations and ants everywhere and the feeling of not being safe where you are?
Ur totally right I definetely need to seek the help of an neurologist knowing that I had a case of MS in my familly(my youngest sister age 17)
For your case the doctor appointment is too far away i think.
How you doing so far? have you notice any changements?Is the symptoms getting better or worse? I can't wait to hear from you xxxx

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WOW!!!! How do you cope with daily life?? I was so excited everything you said I feel & more. No one will talk with me about it. Sometimes I live  out a day like it's a dream. I mean like it's not really me doing the things I 'm doing.The pain in my back & legs are unbearable. I wish this had a spell check my handas are nujmbe & doing their own thing    I 'm sorry that you  or anyone has FB .But it's so cool that this site has aplace to talk I have loved ones. Bless their hearts they are tired of my anxiety & Tears. I also have had a stroke in my sensory area so I'm like a chipped plate waiting to break.I need to talk so bad, but I am in the hist of a move that may blow my mind. I know God will not lead me into where  His grace will not lead me out. But man this is a deep hole, a rope would help idk Talk to me help me get better Thank You Momacak
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Hellooooo :D How are you??
Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)
Oh no!!! You've been through so much already :((
To be honest with you I don't cope well at the moment...Ive been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 5 days ago i will start taking an awfull medication quetiapine:( Im scared to be more depressed than i am... i mean there's so much side effects, the most commonly is weight gain :O can you imagine? I always had an eating disorder problem.
I really don't know what to do right now!!!!
No way you too feel like sometimes you're not leaving in the real world? Isn't a strange feeling? I always feel awkward in society :S
OMG you must be in so much pain! Did you GP prescribe you something at least?? Do you know the causes? Please stay strong im sure is just a matter of time :)
There is a solution to everything trust me :)
Tell me about it my mum is sick and tired of my sadness but unfortunately i can't help it i always feel like crying all the time and my lack of motivaion at the moment doesn't help me either! Im completely paranoid now since the delusions and hallucinations.
Thank God that there's medhelp. I like the fact that people suffering like you and me are not the only one in that misery and so can have the opportunity to open our hearts and share or experiences.
I pray to God that you feel better very very soon :) Now that we find a friend in each other I wan't to know everything lol
Ps: I really hope that we both will finally escape from this deep black hole which seem to never end by the Grace of God.
Take care darling xxxxxxxx
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You should investigate further because Formication is a symptom of another main diagnosis. I have it too but in the form of vibrations and complete burning from head to knees.
It wound up the cause is Lymes disease in me.
See what is causing it.

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