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I am trying to understand what this doctors notes mean. He told me I have the right diagnosis which is fibro and then I get my disability insur pay taken away because of what doctors say. You keep going for tests in hopes to find a cure, the specialists only see you once in thier office and all the sudden they know what you go through on a dialy basis. NOT. So this is what the rhuemy doc says to metlife. Notes you have multiple soft tissue tender points in the bilateral occiput, lower cervical, shoulder, elbow, gluteal and knee regions. your control points are negative. Does anyone know exactly what that means.? I sure dont get it. I also had a sleep study done and when I went back to the doctor to go over it he said I dont go into stage 4 of sleep (dream stage), yet his report to metlife said the sleep study was normal. I just dont get it. Has anyone else had this trouble to? Its so upsetting to me.      
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I am sorry your forms got so mixed up. I would go back to him and ask him to explain. It is possible he just made a mistake.

The first part is saying where you have tender points which you need I think 18 to be considered as having fibromyalgia. So when he pressed on the bilateral occiput area of the body it was painful to you, etc.You'll have to google the different tender points. Saying the control points are negative is a good thing. They press on certain other parts of your body to see if you have a reaction to them. It is a way of seeing if you are faking it basically. Your test said that you weren't faking it. So that is a good thing.

It is fairly routine for insurance providers to deny FMS claims. However appeals are often successful. It helps if you keep a listing of daily activities to show what you are and aren't able to do. If you need assitance with say loading the washing machine because it is too painful to do yourself. Make a note of that. Those types of things.
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Hi, thanks so much for explaining that to me. At least now it makes sense. On my letter saying the metlife was over it said a nurse consultant made this decision. I have been on disability thru them since 2009 and now all the sudden its gone. The thing that really stinks is losing this means I also lose my health and dental insurance. Scarey. I also have a syrinx in my spinal cord, I finally got into one of the best doctors for this in colorado and now im not sure I will be able to go. ugh. I am writing a very long letter to metife appealing this decision and my regular doctor has agreed to help me fight it. So all I can do now is hope and pray it works. People actually fake having this crap, who in their right mind would do that? How awful.  If you have anymore helpful hints please share. thanks again
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