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Does anybody find riding a regular bike hurts the bones and muscles in their rear ends?

I try riding a bicycle and it hurts me so bad on where my buttocks bones sits on the seat, that it is torture! I even have a nice silicone padded seat, and so does my husband on his bike. His rear end does hurt at all, but mine does. Is the buttocks another trigger point area for fibromyalgia sufferers? I just can't seem to enjoy anything without pain. I am so tired of living this way.
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I can't ride one either, but I remember when I could and that is an area that would hurt.  Even though I didn't have the FM dx then, i'm sure it was part of it.  Any joint in the body can have a trigger point...although FM points that are recognized are the more likely ones.  I think someone might get hurt by pressing on my buttocks!!!  :-0 Lol

Take care.
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  I have a lot of problems with my right butt cheek. When my lower back is on fire, my butt cheek will be as well. I don't take any chances riding a street bicycle I have a knee replacement and the very thought of falling on that knee kinda makes me ill. I do have an incumbent bike and I still have problems with my butt cheek getting really tender after riding it. I try to ride it very slow everyday, I get a little exercise that way. Take care.

gentle hugs
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