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Does it get better..

Hi Id like some advice please.. I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid since I was 16 im now 25. My thyroid has not caused me too many problems except the normal symptoms I.e going to sleep an waking feeling like I haven't been to bed at all. I have a 4 year old daughter who is healthy thank god but my fatigue an sleepiness keeps me from having better quality play time with her. Ive learned to live with thyroid problems an have regular check ups for which my most recent a few weeks ago was fine. But Saturday after work I came home feeling rotten. I came straight to bed and in the morning I couldn't move... I felt like I'd been beaten with a base ball bat. My fingers are swollen and tender in certain places and I struggled to walk down the stairs. I feel dizzy and off my food, having night sweats and it is now Wednesday and I'm back in bed again after days of feeling like this.. Knowing someone in my family with fibromyalgia I know this is likely the cause but I don't feel well enough to get to the doctors... When do these symtoms ease... Will they ? Sorry for the long story. Thank you in advance.
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Yes Laura it does, if you do the right things.

Proper thyroid regulation is imperative!

Dr. Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant. (Please pass this on to that someone in your family)

--.It could be the synthetic thyroid hormones you're on
Natural desiccated thyroid contains T1, T2 and mainly T3.
Syntroid or Levothyroxine is mainly T4.

--You could have a conversion problem.

--Reverse T3 (which comes from T4)

--Or simply thyroid resistance.

You need to be tested for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3.
I know NHS doctors don't bother with all these three.

The other possibility is adrenal fatigue with secondary hypothyroidism.
Have you ever had any adrenal testing?
What you need is a Functional Adrenal Stress Profile--
Cortisol x 4, 2 averaged DHEA-S (go to BioHealth Labs for details-not an endorsement, only to use as reference FYI)

Hope this helps.
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Good thyroid doctors are hard to find, there is a lot of controversy about that lately. Look for a new one at thyroidchange.org, the big "find a doctor" icon. Hopefully, there is one they recommend in your area. My diagnosis was "missed" for three years by more than one doctor and I was totally debilitated. They tried to pass it off as fibromyalgia due to the absence of anything they could find...they just didn't know how to look for thyroid.

As the Lightseeker says, it's not just TSH or T3, etc. The docs recommended at thyroidchange.org must be known to do all of them. Being within the lab "reference range" is not always optimal for everyone either.

Good luck!
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I have always had thyroid problems since I was young.  When I was 24 it was hyper then after having my son at the age of 25 it became hypo and then it went back to normal.  But when I became the age of 30  I started having problems with a lot of pain, fatigue and I had problems sleeping at night.  I was dx with fibromyalgia, I also always had problems with allergies, I would constantly break out in hives.  At that time My doctor put me on medication for fibromyalgia and I was on it for a while but I didn't really notice a difference.   I just felt zombielike so I stopped taking the medicine. Then when I was 37 years old I woke up one day with my muscles and joints I'll stiff and swollen.   I couldn't get out of bed I had to go to the emergency room and when I was there they did several tests in the end he couldn't find out really what was wrong with me. it took about half a year of me going to the doctors having swollen joints on both sides of my body until finally my doctor sent me to go see a rheumatologist and they found out that I had rheumatoid arthritis.   The testing that they did first didn't show that I was positive for RA but in the end about half a year into going to doctors my joint inflammation got really bad that at that time when they did another Serum test it finally did show that I was positive for rheumatoid arthritis. At that time they started medication. They put me on methotrexate, I was on it for a half a year before they decided to add Humira to my medications.  I still have pain in my body, I suffer from anxiety, fatigue, lack is sleep, fibromyalgia, etc... I think it's all a cycle, you can't sleep because your body aches, so then when you wake up you feel fatigued,  the fatigue causes pain in your body which then causes anxiety and your back to square 1.  You can't sleep because of the pain, after a while your body tends to just break down.  Well I guess that's the way I feel.  Ask your dr to check you for lupus or  rheumatoid arthritis, especially if you have swelling of the joints on both sides of the body.  That is one of the traits for RA.
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