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Don't know what else to do...

Hi, I am a 25 year old female who became really ill one day back in January of this year (2016). I have been in constant pain for 9 months... It all began one day where I thought I had a pinched nerve or pulled muscle in my lower right abdomen/groin. I got a steroid shot and thought everything would go back to normal; it did not. I became very ill and began to lose a lot of weight; I was 182 lbs and have gone down to 130 lbs within 9 months...I do not change anything in my eating habits at all; I guess I felt bad or my body cannot handle things properly anymore..I have no idea, but it is very confusing how I lost that much without really changing anything. I was in the hospital back in February of this year and they said I had a softball sac of fluid hanging around on my right side and they gave me Doxycycline and sent me home after those rounds of it... I was tested for STI's and I do not have anything abnormal on the culture, blood tests, or anything for those, and my pap smears have been fine. I used to have a lot of UTI's a year or so before this happened and in December, I was throwing up at times but thought I was just sick from running into customers at my job; which I had to quit because I became so sick. Anyway, I returned home and I was still in a lot of pain...I decided I wanted to just make sure everything was "okay" in my female area; not like the STI's but just get an ultrasound to make sure since I had a sac of fluid there... I thought maybe it was a cyst on my ovary, but I get to the OBGYN and he does an ultrasound and the sac of fluid is gone?? I was in an immense amount of pain still though; everything throbbed on my right side so badly. My OBGYN thought maybe it was endometreosis and I really tried to push through the birth control injection they gave me and see if it got better; but it did not, sadly. We pushed for a laparoscopy and I got it, but when my OBGYN went in there, he found something very different. He told me I had all those red, stringy, filmy stuff covering my whole right side. He told me it was rapped around my appendix, some of my intestines on the right side, and other things. He said it was called peritoneal something... I was glad it was out of me and he told me I would feel all new and better, but weeks went by, months went by and I don't... I then got a colonoscopy because my guts were all messed up... I never got any images from that and they said everything looked okay so I continued on. I began to wonder about this peritoneal stuff and looked it up recently and it says it forms from previous abdominal surgeries and I have never had a surgery in that area in my life until this year. So, I got an MRI and that showed a cyst on the pineal and just a few little herniated/bulging discs but they said to not worry. I had something show up in my bloodwork here recently and it revealed I have Hypothyroidism and low B12; I get a B12 injection monthly and I take Synthroid for the thyroid... I've been tested for Lupus, Lyme Disease, Celiac and those came back negative but will have the tests repeated in the future.. I was just told it may be Fibromylagia and am taking Lyrica and have been on it for about 2-3 months... This pain in my lower right is still there and it throbs so intensely at time where it feels like something will explode... My temperature has been low like in the low 97.6 to 97.4... The pain is there when I move, cough, laugh, etc... X-rays, CT scans will not show anything and some nurses have asked why didn't I get my appendix removed back in April if it looked nasty when my OBGYN went in there... I'm really lost at this moment and am trying to push through college no matter the pain, but this stuff has me in bed and severely depressed sometimes from the pain and how it affects me and my relationships. I do not take any pain medication and refuse to do so, because they make everything worse and even Advil, etc. kills me... Do any of you maybe have an idea of what it is? Is it my appendix? A hernia? I don't know... I was told I was lucky to be alive from that stuff that was removed from me... I'm at a loss and trying really hard every day. Is this something else or just Fibromyalagia? What do I need to do from here?
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Hey bam19.
I would call this medical incompetence combined with
some intentional ignorance.
Your low temperature indicates that your thyroid function has not been regulated adequately.
The synthroid  is  contra-indicated, when there's suspicion
of Reverse T3, a negative thyroid hormone, which lowers further free T3, the bioavailable thyroid hormone used in the cells.
Reverse T3 gets converted ONLY from T4, which under normal circumstances converts to T3.
Synthroid is 100% synthetic T4, meaning-in your case- it might be indirectly contributing to LOWER thyroid function!!!
The reason being , I suspect, is a combination of deficiencies, like methylocobalamin B12 (beware of B12
injections which are not in methylocobalamin form, the
only bio available and neurological form of B12)
and what seems to be prolonged biological stress.
I can't emphasize enough the urgency to seek a reputable Functional Medicine Doctor, who can connect all the dots
and facilitate your recovery.
According to Dr Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Institute, most Fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant.
With low thyroid function, recovery from any condition/illness is very difficult, since the thyroid is responsible for all healing in the cells (among a myriad of other functions).
Because of your suspected biological stress, you may benefit from a starting dose of Cytomel which is only T3 (synthetic).
I would suggest you also look into adrenal function
and Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid Axis imbalance.
Do not try to explore these suggestions with the help
of your current doctors, since conventional medicine
does not fully recognize low adrenal function and
OAT Axis imbalance.
The synthetic hormones will likely make you worse.
What is exactly your birth control?
You would probably do better with bio-identical
progesterone cream, should your you have an estrogen
dominance, but it should be done under the care of a knowledgeable practitioner.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Best wishes,

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