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Dont' want to take anti-depressant !!

Is there any other meds or natural products to treat Fibro? I don't want to take the Cymbalta, Lyrica or Gabapentine. I'm not in a depression and I've tried the Gabapentine and didn't like the side effects. What other treatments are there? Thanks :)
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Wise person who will avoid the biggie drugs you listed in your post.  Take my input and never start on any of them, withdraw is horrific.  Oh, for what it is worth?  My fibro symptoms all but disappeared when I swam laps everyday.  It isn't always convenient, but no drugs, great (if not the best) exercise in the world and it is most economic.  You can either join a YMCA/YWCA or a fitness center that might have a pool.  Trust me, read up on it yourself.  Fibro is best managed by a routine swim!
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What ever you do DON't let any doctor give you narcotics for your pain!! I had a bad-doctor several years ago and he wrote prescriptions for me like it was nothing.... Now, I deal with addiction and the 'after affects' of being on all that narcotic stuff.... I have severe depression, anxiety and still the Fibro pain comes & goes.... I didn't know how much the meds would affect me in the long-term.... I suggest light exercise and rest when you need to.... Eat a balanced diet, etc..... Things I try to do, but should listen better to my own advice!! :-)
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After being diagnosed w fibro since 2000 I can assure u that no 2 fibros are the same.  Swimming may b the cure for one patient but may not work for another.  My biggest issue is sleep!  I cannot sleep some nights even when on my cocktail of neurotin, ambien, soma, and klonapin!
I hate taking meds and NO MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL can take the time to help me sort this out and start to help me ween off of these meds!  Why!?

Even fibro clinics are of no help.  I eat healthy, exercise 3 times a week for 2-1/2 hours and take homeopathic meds as well.  

I do know that caffein and artificial sweeteners should not b consumed.  This disease is so erratic.  I'm on 100 percent disability after a 18 year career in medical sales.  I personally feel fibro is neurological, metabic and an immune disorder.  

The problem is that even your win husband and children don't think u r sick because like me, you probably look much younger and healthier than someone your own age.  I'm 59 and most think I'm 42 or so. It's because I exercise and eat healthy.  Now if I cod only get off if these meds!  Any suggestions?  Thanks much for reading.
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Hi Diana I am new to this site.  I have been dealing with back pain from an injury since 05 and around 08 started having problems with my neck.  MRI show building disks and cysts on my spinal nerves which causes me a lot of pain & numbness.  I was Dx with fibro by a neurologist on 2012 I had a terrible reaction when my new PCP  dr increased my Lyrica from 50mg three times a day to 150 twice a day and put me on Topamax for migraines and in 4 days my husband came home and found me in a chair out of it.  The neurologist who admitted me Dx me with a TIA /mini stroke from a migraine.  To make a long story short I went off those meds and currently take robaxion for my muscles aches, aleve for my all over joint pain & muscle pain.  I have norco 10mg I can take every 6 hrs as needed which  I have been on this since 08.  I have tried not taking it because I hate the fact that I need it to function but when I don't take it I can't move because of the pain. What do you do that helps with it.  My dr just gave me neurontin 300mg 3 times a day when I saw him yesterday but I am afraid to take it.  When I was in the hospital with the TIA the neurologist seeing me told me to be careful not to get labeled as a fibro pt.  what do you think he meant by that?  He said that he didn't believe in Dx a person based on pushing on a few areas and asking them if it hurts. He said that there needs to be more concrete testing to confirm what patients deal with.  He said hopefully research will figure it out.  I just listened to him, I didn't know what to say.  I have always said people have know idea what it feels like unless they get it.  I wake up everyday feeling like I got hit by a bus and have the worse case of the flu.  I believe it is has to be some weird autoimmune /neuro disorder that they need to figure out.  I am seeing a rheumatologist but not til October (1st available appt for new pt).  Any advice. I am glad I found this forum it is nice to learn from others
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Since the day I start to have my period I usually have a bad menstrual pain but all the time I usually take any type of peals for it to see if it's could sometimes I been crying I can't eat , and spent the all day or 2 days in the hospital and the pain start giving me bacteria infection in my belly I was in the hospital for almost 15 days I been having depression everyday after a little while I knew that I have cyst they even thinking it most be cancer but think God they was wrong but even though i have 2 surgery for it I still have more cyst now the doctor told me I had fibro but they didn't told me what should I do I have any kids yet I'm 24 yrs old I would like to caring my baby one day ! Any suggestion so now I participate from the Altus research they give a jell and liquid birth control do I have 2 keep using or not I am very confuse
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I like you have had fibro for several years & have been on several different medications during that time.  I'm actually pretty active.  I'm usually doing something other than sitting all day or at least I try to, anyway.  It also helps to have a positive attitude, which isn't always easy I know.  Pain isn't nice & having to deal with it on a daily bases, *****.  But, you do it because; there really isn't anything else you can do.  My best advice to all of us that suffer from this nasty disease.  Is to take one day at a time & do the best that you can.
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