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Dr Joel Fuhrman and Good Nutrition as Treatment

I have been following the research of Dr Joel Fuhrman MD, the US's foremost authority on Nutritional Medicine.
He is a board–certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional excellence.

Validated, peer-reviewed research has shown that following a plant-based diet is the best way to get your suffering body back on the road to good health. This isn't a gimmick, a short-term solution or a scam. It's good science and is supported by scientific evidence from respected doctors, as well as countless success stories from people overcoming terrible health problems by simply learning how to nourish themselves and deciding to feed themselves well.

It's a shock to learn that feeding youself well means being mostly vegan. But I'm feeling SO MUCH better since doing this. Please give it a try. It cannot hurt you, and will probably help you as much as it's helping me. I don't know if I can recover completely from CFS this way, but well, You Are What You Eat after all!

One marvellous thing I just found out. I've been crazy for pomegranates for the last 2 weeks, when I'd never really liked them so much before. I've been wondering why. I just this read on Dr Fuhrman's site (www.diseaseproof.com):

"A new study in Journal of Inflammation claims polyphenols, plant nutrients that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, contained in pomegranate extract inhibit the production of inflammatory compounds, potentially preventing chronic inflammation associated with heart disease, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, diabetes and arthritis. For the study, scientists stimulated cells to prompt an inflammatory response and then incubated the cells with pomegranate. Results showed pomegranate extract decreased pro-inflammatory reaction.

Pomegranates are the real deal. Dr. Fuhrman calls them potent disease-fighters, especially for prostate cancer. In 2006, a study revealed men drinking pomegranate juice had better PSA scores. And pomegranates have also been found to help prevent atherosclerosis and diabetes."

I have had high blood levels of the markers of inflammation for 2 years, that my doc can't explain or do anything to lower. Just alarm me about. Looks like I might have found a great, side-effect-free way to address the problem.

His free website, www.diseaseproof.com is great. Informative and inspiring.

I just wanted to share.

Be well, everyone,

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