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My doctor periodically tells me that if I exercise on a daily basis that my pain will decrease do you agree?
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Exercising causes pain after AND a flare up!  But I could only vote in one category.
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Hi Dee Dee,
This is a good question.  I must say that it causes me pain and fatigue.  Although there are certain exercises that actually help.  Take the big rubber band (the ones they use in exercises.) and hook it to a door knob or hook on wall.  Face the wall holding onto the band.  Pull your elbows the opposite direction, keeping your back really straight.  This exercise really helps the shoulder muscle pain and tension.  

I have a lot of joint pain w/ lupus, so exercising really hurts my joints.  I haven't tried swimming, but that is the type of exercising my rhemy suggest.
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Thanks for your comment.  I am gathering this information so that I can show it to my
doctor.  See the thing is, no one can tell us what we really feel if they don't have what we have.  The problem is that these doctors and whomever it is that says that we should
exercise has to be someone that has what we have inorder for them to say what works.
If they don't have it then they can't say.  I tried water aerobics for a whole year and every time I left the pool I hurt more than I did before I went in.  I had to get home quickly to
take pain meds because that is how bad the pain was.  Now I walk 7 city blocks back and to which is 14 blocks at least 3 times a week but then I am down for a few days with
a bad flare-up.  I told my doctor this and he says "Try to add on more blocks".
He needs to hear the voices of real people who has the problems.  Thank you
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Every time I exercise I have a flare up.  I can't even walk for more than 30 minutes at a time.  Even playing the Wii like bowling or something makes me extremely sore.
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I have tried to exercise and no matter how long I stick it out, it still hurts too much and it causes flares from HELL. My PM doc told me once that if I would exercise for about 2 weeks then it wouldnt hurt anymore. Idiot! LOL
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Ruthy66 and fibrohurts, It is a conspiracy!!!  I agree with the idiot part as well.  I will wait to see if more people respond because I want him to hear from people that know.  Thanks
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Besides the pain it causes, the fatigue I have is so bad that its hard to force myself into exercise in the first place!!!!! I would give anything for that not to be the case! For some reason though, most docs dont get that.

You may need to find another doctor. I went through several before I found the right ones. A good FM doc is well worth the hassel of doctor hunting.
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