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Has anyone asked why there is no expert Forum on Fibromyalgia/CFS on MedHelp?  There is no expert forum, and no doc.  Just curious
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This is very disappointing,,,,,
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Many physicians feel that fibromyalgia is an excuse to be lazy.  There is not enough research or the correct medical tests to properly diagnose this condition.  It would seem that doctors would look to the one specific body organ which controls calcium in your body (4 parathyroid glands).  I have hyperparathyroidism, even after surgery two years ago.  I have "bone spurs" in the back of my neck.  Primary hyperparathyroidism removes the calcium from your teeth and bones and deposits the calcium in your kidneys (kidney stones), bladder, blood vessels, muscles, and body organs.  The doctors at Mayo Clinic tested my hydroxyapatite crystals, which are clinically elevated, but did not do anything with the results.  My mother and grandmother had these same problems, which doctors can only prescribe pain medicine.  It would seem that doctors would test the parathyroid glands, blood, and urine to see if Hydroxyapatite deposition disease was contributing to there are problems.  Doctors only look to simple, easy solutions, such as cancer as the culprit.  Many doctors only look for the extreme health problems (cancer), rather than to research and test for actual contributing factors to chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.  While our medicine has improved, research studies are not focusing on improving the quality of life.  We all want an easy fix, but specific tests are needed to prove the problem.  Many people have chronic pain, especially from physical injuries, which are much easier to document.  Doctors want to say that you are depressed and often prescribe antidepressants.  Many years ago, I met with a "specialist" in Augusta, GA.  He talked with me for approximately 90 mintes, never once ordered any medical tests, and decided that I only needed an antidepressant.  Two years ago, I had surgery to remove four tumors in my neck!  If you cannot get results from the first doctor, then you must study, research the problems, and use a medical research facility/hospital in hopes of getting relief and a cure.
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