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FDA Approval of Savella(TM) for the Management of Fibromyalgia

For our fibro members.... you have another treatment option !

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Very good info.  This seems to be along the lines of Cymbalta, but may be more affordable esp. if there is a generic.

Thanks so much PlateletGal.
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I started taking Savella 2 wks ago for my Fibromyalgia. My doctor warned me that I may suffer adverse side affects during the first week such as nausea, headache, constipation, dizziness, insomnia, hot flush, increased perspiration, vomiting, palpitations, and dry mouth. Luckily, I never felt nauseous, or had headaches, vomiting, palpitations, or any serious constipation. I take Temazepam on those nights I have difficulty sleeping. So far so good. Then again, I've never suffered severe pain 24/7. Although I have had Fibro for over 10 years, my pain level changes from day to day; and as a general rule, I usually only have a couple of really bad days where my pain level is an 8 or higher every 7-12 days. Of course, that isn't a steadfast rule.  

Also, about a month ago, I stopped at a vitamin shoppe and bought a multi-vitamin called "Ultimate Woman" along with "Ginkgo Biloba Extract" 120 mg. I noticed an increase of energy and alertness after the first week.

I hope this information will be helpful.
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I have been on Savella for about one month now. It seems to be working. I can't say that I have alot of energy but I seem to have less achiness all over and just a general feeling of well being. I am still struggling with some pain, but I am willing to give this a chance as I don't seem to be having the side effects listed. I have hot flashes already from menopause so wouldn't know the difference! Constipation from all my meds so it is just one more.

If anything changes, I will post again!

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I just joined yesterday. Your comments about how you feel on different days sounds like what I go thru. I have some level of pain and fatigue every day. I am taking nothing at all. My feet have been bothering me especially in the mornings and I feel some knee and knuckle irritation. I have been wondering what was causing all this odd stuff to happen.

Thanks for your comments!!
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