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FDA Reviews use of pain meds. vs risks for treatment of chronic pain

The American Pain Foundation's Position Statement to the FDA -

To email your comments:

The FDA is considering the benefits of pain medications vs. potential risk evaluation for the treatment of FMS or other chronic pain illnesses.  For some, opiads are the only way they can have any quality of life.  While I know many do not like the thought of pain medications and abuse/addiction, for some it is the only way they can make it through another day.  Cancer, MS and so many other illnesses make pain  a horrible way to live daily.  We all know how we feel and there are days when we don't think we can go on due to the pain.  The public meeting was held in May, but they are taking verbal comments until June 30th.

If you have chronic pain, or have a family member who lives in chronic pain, please give them your comments.   Taking away proper treatment can change someones life when this is the only method that will work.  While I do not take opiads, the very fact that they are reviewing this matter places any prescription pain medication taken, for any reason, under their looking-glass.  Their fear of abuse/addiction is the main reason those with FMS and other illnesses can not get adequate relief.  

I put my two cents in.  If you do comment, where it calls for an Organizational name you can simply put Advocacy.  
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  I just sent my 2 cents also. It's not everyday that we get the chance to make our opinion count. We each have a difficult enough time to get our doctors to give pain meds, and this would make it even more difficult. Tell them how you feel, it might just help.

gentle hugs
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You said exactly what I was thinking about the situation.  Thank you so much for giving them your view.  It does make a difference and yes, we deal with enough stigmas and most can't get pain meds. at all.  
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Bumping Up!!!

Only two wks. remaining to tell why you feel you should continue taking your pain medications or being able to get a pain med. that will actually work to relive it.  We all know how difficult it is to get our physicians to prescribe something that is effective...most will not prescribe anything for FMS/CFS pain.  We hear it all the time in this forum, so if you don't respond when given the opportunity...what more can I say?
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Seven days remaining.  
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