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Feel like I am losing my mind

I really don't know where to post this, but here it goes....Since 2009 I've been on narcotics for severe back pain because a MRI found that I had two bulging disks. I had the MRI repeated because I started having nerve pain in my left leg, but then it went away. Anyways it was discovered that my disks aren't bad enough to cause my pain. My old PCP thought I may have fibromyalgia and spoke about putting me on Lyrica, but since I was going to see my new pain management doctor her wanted to see what his take was on the situation. I spoke with the PM doc about it. His exact words after doing a examination was "you probably have fibromyalgia or something like it", and put me on cymbalta, but didn't give me enough to nearly last until the next appointment. So I feel like he doesn't believe the fibromyalgia diagnosis. I am 25 y/o. I recently looked back into my medical records and discovered I've been suffering from severe fatigue since I was 19. I do have pain in over 11 of the required places on my body for fibromyalgia. However, about 2 months ago I started having severe pain in the lower left side of my head. It wasn't like a headache, but more like a horrid, unbearable sharp pain. My old PCP insisted it was a headache and prescribed Fioricet. I have multiple headaches everyday. Now a new and unbearable symptom has appeared. It first started after I got out of the shower and dried off and put clothes on.... My legs would start to itch so severely with no sign of a cause. Then the itching would start before I ever got out of the shower. Then three days ago my legs started to itch out of no where. At first I thought it was aquagenic pruritus, but not I have no clue. I itch so bad its enough to make someone cry. My skin is not dry at all infact its quite soft. My TSH has been low for a year or so, but my Thyroid levels were fine.
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Welcome. You are not alone in what you are going through symptom and doctor wise.
Have you had any tests done by a Lyme disease doctor?
I was misdiagnosed with FM for approx. 12 years until it was found I had Lymes.
I have many of your symptoms, the itch in my case presents more like burning but itches in spots.....relentless, strong itch!
The headaches are, if it is Lymes, neurological, and painful! Mine are right side.
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You are not alone.  Unfortunately the path to diagnosis for the majority of us is long and fustrating.  The best advice I can give you is not not give up.  Follow your instincts.

Also pre-screen you MD's.  Before I see a new doc for anything I will ask have they dealt with FM, CFS or associated disorders.  We go through enough without crappy docs on top of it.

Hope you find an answer

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