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Fibro & Diet - What to eat?

Hi Everyone

What is the best food to eat for fibro? I find it really diffucult to get my diet organized, plus I have very high colesterol as well and basically I need to change my diet very fast. When I got checked it last Aug it was 7.2 and my GP wanted to put me on pill which I refused. Now I dont have any other choice just to really cut everything from my diet because everything makes me sick.
Any suggestion what to eat so I feel good and enjoy the food?
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I find it very helpful to eat a whole foods based diet.  This eliminates a lot of contradictions and cross contamination problems one will certainly encounter with the processed convenience foods.  That and it seems that many on this forum are gluten and lactose intolerant, so those things seem to be the top things to avoid.  Then, of course, the other things right up there to avoid would be the produce items in the nightshade family.  Potatoes and tomatoes and eggplants and bell peppers being the worst offenders for anyone who also has arthritis.  These foods promote inflammation very much, so it's particularly important for folks with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.  Corn is another one that is particularly bad for IBS.  Doesn't seem to matter which kind of IBS you have.

Many here have migraine issues, too.  Goes with the territory.  It would make sense to me that most of here would have the Tyramine Intolerance issues that trigger migraines.  You can do a search for Tyramine Intolerance online to find the main foods to avoid.  Most of the people with Tyramine Intolerance have migraine issues/IBS issues.  And, of course, a lot of the IBS issues are also undiagnosed Celiac.  One simply must avoid nay sayers on that one who assume that going gluten free and dairy free is some fad.  If one's doctor wants to rely solely on the blood test for gluten intolerance, which has a high rate of false negatives, and won't also consider the resolution of symptoms when eliminating gluten from the diet, then it's time for a different GI doctor for that issue.  Besides, gluten intolerance is actually a part of Tyramine Intolerance.

A huge thing to avoid for all of here, since nearly everyone has digestive issues, is the elimination of all pork from the diet.  I discovered this to be so after eliminating all the cured pork products and using only fresh cuts that have no seasonings in them.  I still felt really sick afterwards.  I once took some leftover meat from a gathering where there was a lot of leftover beef and pork.  But, the host wasn't sure which was which.  I was sure after I mistakenly got some of the pork.  The beef didn't bother me, so it was the pork.  I have since found out that pork is also included in the foods to avoid for Tyramine Intolerance.  

Plus, the reason all of here want to avoid pork is that it is not very digestible, so people with chronic health concerns that also cause digestive issues just don't tolerate pork.

It isn't as much about what can you eat as to what you should definitely avoid.

A huge thing that will help you determine which foods you really do have to simply give up on and which foods you can use in a rotation diet is to see a naturopath for proper help on going on an elimination diet.  This is ideal for people who experience what you're going through who probably don't even test positive for "true" food allergies at the allergist's office.  These would be food sensitivities or food intolerances.  Again, any allergist who doesn't at least recognize that one can have these sensitivities without being able to confirm it with the skin tests or the blood tests isn't paying attention to the patient.  Just the same, allergists usually do recognize that this is where the elimination diets are so useful in finding the foods that bother them.

There are other types of foods that are included in the top food allergens that one has to avoid in the elimination phase, of course, but these ones that I just mentioned are among the biggest problems.  Aside from all obvious forms of sugar.

I would definitely avoid all those chemical sugar substitutes.  Many here have food sensitivities that they're not aware of.  Adding these chemicals to one's body after avoiding the foods loaded with preservatives just wouldn't make sense.  This has nothing to do with the arguments about whether these are carcinogenic foods.  I personally can't tolerate these things and will get sicker than if I just use real sugar.  By the way, beet sugar has loads of sulfites in it just from the manufacturing processes.  The law doesn't require this to be labeled on sugar packages, so how would anyone know.  The same is true of high fructose corn syrup.  That right there is the biggest reason to avoid the corn syrup.  It's not the only top reason, but it's the biggest.  Corn syrup and all other processed corn products are loaded with sulfites and other chemicals.  Something most here need to avoid.

Mercola says that cane sugar is still bad.  But, I do know that it is still far better than the things I just mentioned.  Moderation is still required, of course.  Honey is still in the obvious sugar category.  I am sensitive to honey myself, so it's easy to avoid for me.  It is important to remember that it's in the obvious sugar category, though, for the elimination diet.

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Hey ViruSel.
Welcome to the foum.

I have some suggestions to add to Furballsmom's great suggestions, that may help.
- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. One of the top "functional" foods!
Please do research this very well, as  today many Doctors and Dietitians
are i still in the dark!
Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Parasitic,Anti-Viral, Anti-Protozoic.
Reduces inflammation in the body when used in cooking instead of ANY other cooking oil! (NO free radicals, no oxidation, no inflammation with EVCO)
Destroys and removes toxins and bacteria from the mouth when used for "Oil Pulling".
It supports cardiovascular health supplying the best type of energy to the c/v system. The Heart muscle requires 80% energy from saturated fats. Coconut Oil is the ultimate fat for this.
Coconut Oil converts for energy fast, and is the best substitute for carbs,
which are NOT recommended for Fibro and like conditions.
It increases metabolism and it contains healthy fatty acids like Lauric acid to aid the immune system ( Lauric acid is found in human breast milk and is what gives to babies immune prortection)
Check it out at the Coconut Research Center.
I have researched and studied Coconut Oil for years.
A good book to read is : " The New Arthritis Cure.
                                          Eliminate Arthritis
                                           and Fibromyalgia
                                           Pain Permanently"
                                        By Doctor Bruce Fife

I would strongly recommend the SCD Program or the GAPS Program
as the ultimate approach.
Very strict and difficult program to adhere to, however, once the improvement sets in, it becomes easier to follow.
There are numerous explanations  as of why and how this WILL make a huge difference, however, I will leave this up to you to research further.
These programs benefit people with Fibro,CFS,MS,IBS,IBD,Colitis,Chron's
Celiac,Candidiasis and many many more.
For any allergies (including hidden, unknown are delayed) I suggest :
a. Dr Coca's Pulse Test. Free download
b. Hoilistic Allergy Elimination "Allergy Antidotes" or "NAET" using Energy Medicine Protocols.
There are thousands of Doctors and Practitioners trained in the above all-over the world now, with Excellent results and Permanent drugless Allergy Elimination  !
(Conventional medicine and Allergists are in the Dark ages in this field, with questionable diagnostic findings and perpetuating symptom management with drugs. Very poor record in my opinion)
Please let us know if you need more info.
Wishing you well.
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Thanks a lot guys, I was a bit suprised that eggplants, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes promote inflammation, I didnt know that. Apart from potatoes, these are the most veg I eat, especialy tomatoes - I add it in salads all the time.
I already use coconut oil in all my cooking and eliminated all others, just use extra virgin olive oil in my salads
I guess I should go first to do an allergy test and then work with a nutrion to decide what is best for me to eat.
Thanks again guys for the advise and ideas, I really appreciate it. I will keep you update after i do the allergy test.
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