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Fibro symptoms

I go to a pain management clinic I have degenrative disc disease and fibromyaglia I just found out I have fibromyaglia when I went to my regular doctor for broken ribs he said you been diagnosed as degenrative disc disease and fibro I dont remeber my pain doctor telling me I have fibro but they say memory and concentration are affected and boy mine are really bad less than 5 mins of people answering a question of mine I ask them again and that gets them irriatated also dont sleep well feel like my legs are weighted down with blocks after working all day and they hurt so bad sometimes like someone is squeezing them super hard have had migraines in the past my lower back hurts all the time I have trigger point pain does this sound like fibro symptoms to you let me know some of your symptoms please Thanks Jenifer
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Yes, all of these can be fibro symptoms.  Goodle Fibro to get a complete list, but everything you list are typical fibro sx. To be officially dx with fibro you need 11 out of 28 Trigger points causing pain.  The FDA just approved Lyrica about 2 months ago for fibro, and it is helping a lot of people with their nerve pain. Good luck.
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Yes you are describing some typical fibro symptoms.  I have dealt with Fibro/Chronic Fatigue since 1997.  I am not discrediting the Lyrica as it may work for some but personally for me it has the same effects as Neurontin (sp?)  which is really only labeled for facial nerve pain (shingles)  and epilepsy.  Lyrica is similar (originally labeled for diabetes feet nerve pain/prickles)and both made me so dragged out and spacey I could not function. Fibro is not nerve pain so I don't know why it got labeled or approved for Fibro.   It is also highly expensive, and if you have to go out on disability that makes it unaffordable. Antidepressants are another big route taken with Fibro.  For me they do not work and I have a problem creating more brain disfunction with them as they so much do. Not downplaying them either as there was a time needed for them when I was depressed. They didn't help pain. They didn't help fatigue. If I wanted to sit at home on couch all day ok. but I had to work. People don't understand this impairment and it is very frustrating. (You look okay so why do you need help, time-off, less stress, etc) Do you have someone to help and support you? and I am not talking dollars here. I mean daily duties we have to do.  So if you need to still work and function, I suggest good communication with your doctor. Tell him/her what works what doesn't, whats too expensive etc.  If you are/need to continue working, you need to be dilligent (sp again, sorry long day), in that you communicate to "treat my pain, treat my fatigue so I can still function and do what I have to do every day at work and at home". and you may have to try many different "coctails" to find the right ones.  Doctors are understanding this more so treatment is getting better for pain management. Lots of stress and cognitive disfunction (brain fog extreme) can make you flare (as in pain and fatigue intensifies and it can be so bad the only thing that fits is your comfy PJ's, your bed and/or couch.) Heres what helps me.  Make routines, try to stick to them- makes daily functions much easier and less stressful.  Try not to say yes to everyone wanting you to do everything or help with everything. (its a hard one) Try not to stress about dishes undone, vacuming, laundry, etc.  If you can get it all done especially while also going to a job - GREAT! its a VERY GOOD DAY!  This is a hard one to accept. but after years of dealing with it, I just do what i can and try not to beat myself up over it- its not worth it.  I take AmbienCR for the sleep disorder associated with fibro and probably a big player in why your muscles ache so bad.  Getting a good sleep helps alot. and my legs didn't ache as bad or feel as heavy in the morning thanks to it.   I take Provigil in the morning.  This was a godsend for my energy and is a med for sleep disorders which in turn cause daytime sleepiness/fatigue (bingo for fibro/cfs). I also had no estrogen. zip. natta. (yes i am menopausal since 1994 from complete hysto- but according to doc we will still make some hormones- not me) so I do take a low dose premarin - now this may or may not apply to you (but you could still be low hormoned- worth the check). With good pain management, routines, knowledge about fibro/cfs it is managable, like the arthritis /sleep disorder/ it is.  thats my opinion and hope it helps shed a little light to keep you moving forward Jen.  Hugs & Blessings to you.
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Oh I forgot another helper (brain fog again :) )The arthritis foundation is a wonderful place for advocacy and information on this fibromyalgia ****.  I suggest joining a support group and they have great pamphlets, and books and I also subscribe to their magazine and one call arthritis self management. Since the pain and stiffness are most definately alot like the arthritis pains and stiffness (just not all the swelling) these are another great avenue for help!
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