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Fibromyalgia & Itching

I was wondering if there is anything new as far as Itching and Fibro?  
The question I stumbled onto was from 2009 I believe.  
My head has itched terribly for a few weeks now, and the tip of my nose has been tingly/numb for several days.
Any suggestions?
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Hi sallyalewis and welcome to the forum.

I have filed some notes and a couple replies to members on this-
It just happens that I have a report relative to this for my Naturopathic studies, so it all came in handy.

First some natural remedies you may want to look into:

My daughter who's a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist
uses a few drops of Organic Peppermint Oil over the itchy areas.
You may also try Aloe Vera gel, as this works well too.
On the scalp though, hmm, I bit too messy.
ACV  (apple cider vinegar) diluted with water for the scalp  may help , but do a test on a small area first, just in case you react.

For the tingling and numbness on your nose and perhaps the itchiness as well, check out the following possibilities:
1. Low iron, low potassium, low magnesium, low B vitamins.
Need to be tested for nutritional and mineral  deficiencies (CBC)
and tissue analysis for minerals.
2. Stress levels.
3. Fungal overgrowth/candida. You may do a preliminary self-test.
Just do a YouTube search for "saliva test for candida" Very simple and fast.
4. Thyroid issues or iodine deficiency causing thyroid dysfunction.
Do you experience weight gain , fatigue, itchiness (already established),
muscle cramping, joint pain? Have you ever been tested for Hypothyroid?
(also linked often to iron deficiencies.)
Have you been having G/I and digestive issues?

All of the above may be interconnected, but with the limited information
I have and without a clinical examination, this would be my best guess.

Here is the FMS-Itchiness connection from my perspective.
(I'm not sure that this applies to you necessarily- How was your FMS diagnosed and was it a Rheumatologist that diagnosed you?)

Chronic itchiness medical treatment is behind times, as symptom relieving
conventional treatments don't work, since the medical establishment has failed to identify the real cause of this, unless the immune system
can correct this.

In Fibromyalgia , Neurotransmitter Dysregulation  is something that comes up in the research circles all the time!
Any communication between your neurons depends on chemicals called Neurotransmitters, which create and control signaling for whatever happens in the body.
Every time you get an itch, hear a sound, or experience anxiety, neurotransmitters are responsible!
So FMS and CFS have been linked to Neurotransmitter Dysregulation.

When the levels of Neurotransmitters are not within normal ranges for proper functioning, this can have an impact on any organ or system in the body.

Now about itchiness and how it works.
When your sensory nerve ending receptors of your skin (Merkel's discs) that sense pressure, touch, texture , get disrupted and "confused" due to some  factors such as Neurotransmitter Dysregulation (primary factor),
fluid constriction in close proximity to the receptors, dryness and other (secondary factors) not being able to transmit a known message to the brain, they revert to the default, which is a message of ITCHINESS!!!
The chronic nature of the Neurotransmitter imbalance is therefore the
suspected culprit in Chronic Itchiness, specially in syndromes like CFS and FMS, where Neurotransmitter imbalance is very prevalent.

The real challenge is, that since your doctor will not look into Neurotransmitter Dysregulation- trust me on this- is to find a really
knowledgeable Holistic Practitioner to help you with this.
The only really accurate tests are for research purposes. Sadly there used to come up with new Psych meds and Anti-Depressants (Big $$$$$!)

There are professional questionnaires available for a Neurotransmitter
Assessment, if you can convince your doctor, to conduct for you,
but again I really doubt, that this will take place.
It is unfortunate, since I believe, this the the area where cure for
many types of FMS can be found.

Well this is a lot of information to absorb. You may have to re-read some parts; I try not to get too technical. The forum has helped me actually focus more in offering my opinion in layman's terms, as much as possible!

If you need more details please let me know, and should you answer my  questions, I will probably be able to offer you some more specific advice.

Best wishes!

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I have fibromyalgia and hepatitis c. I have a constant rash and itching, sometimes better, sometimes worse. It is very annoying, I feel like I might have a thyroid problem but doc says she can tell by my blood work I do not have a problem. I do not agree with that, but maybe it is the fibro or the Hepatitis C. All the doc gave me was hydrocortisone 2 %. Not much help  there though. My rash is on my forearms and sides of hip and lower belly. I have had it over 6 months now. If anyone knows any help for this I would love to know.
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My opinion is to ..Get a second opinion.
You may get negative blood test results if you are thyroid hormone resistant.
Look into hypothyroid type 2.
There's a basal temperature self test available called "The Barnes Basal temperature test",is very simple to do.
Just find an old type of glass thermometer and do it before you get up. Make sure it's ready from the night before so you don't need to shake it in the morning and if sleeping with your husband/partner
and close enough, you may have a higher reading! So keep your distance
in bed before doing this test!

Again  This will measure your lowest temperature of the day, which correlates with thyroid gland function. The normal underarm temperature averages 97.8-98.2 degrees F. Ttreatment is recommended if the temperature averages 97.4 or less. The temperature should be taken for four days.regular doctors do not check this.

You normally get blood work, that will not reveal type 2.  If the symptoms are not extreme, you may have a mild or moderate thyroid issue,
something again that gets overlooked!

Hydrocortisone in the long term is potentially damaging.
If you're still taking it, may be check with your prescribing doctor and see if you can discontinue it for good,specially when you're getting no benefit from it.

You may also want to look into Energy Medicine based therapies , such as
NAET or "Allergy Antidotes", both drug-free and fairly effective approaches
for many conditions where conventional medicine is ineffective.
Just do a search for that.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions or need more info.

This is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes!
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Thks for the info, My regular doc always says she could see in the lab if I had a problem with thyroid and I think I do because I have so many symptoms: constipation, itchy and dry skin, eyebrows thinning at ends, muscle aches and sensitivity to cold. I tried to get into a thyroid doc and they said not until September to get an appt. I just gave up. Everything could just be fibro, but I do not feel it is, I have had fibro dx several years before these symptoms started. I am going to print this out and go back one more time and see if she will run a test and refer me to a doc who can see me sooner for thyroid issues. It is so tough to change your primary doctor to some one else. She has all my history for the Fibro, Hepatitis C, and Arthritis. Thanks so much for the good feedback!  Brenda
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Hey Brenda, sometimes we have to trust our instincts, as you mentioned about your dx. There could be more to it, that would explain the way you feel.

Consider for now, trying on your own the temperature thyroid test,since  you can't  see a thyroid doc soon, anyway.
It's so simple, really!

There are a lot of things for improvement.
You may also visit a thread I started a while back,
if you want to search this community on the upper right side
on this page under IWILLDOTHIS.

We are all stronger than we think , so keep this in mind.

Take care!
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