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Fibromyalgia? Lupus?

My daughter was a seemingly normal 18 year old when she went off to college.   She moved from New England to Texas.  During her 2nd semester of school, she became ill with flu-like symptoms.  She had a strep and mono spot test done, but both came back negative.  However the EBV test was positive.  She later developed mouth sores and experienced weight loss and dehydration.  She has seen a rheumatologist (ANA titer is positive), neurologist, infectious disease doctor, and general practitioner.  She is extremely fatigued all the time, and suffers from bone and joint pain.  She also has a persistent headache, and is now experiencing mood swings and anxiety. She also suffers from chronic abdominal pain.  Although the "flu" symptoms have only recently resurfaced, the pain is continuous.  She also has irregular, and often missed, periods.  Any suggestions?
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Sounds like classic Lyme Disease Symptoms and Texas is a state in which the disease exists. May I suggest checking out the Lyme DIsease Forum??
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