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Fibromyalgia & OZONE

I am suffering from fibromyalgia for the past 7 years & recently underwent OZONE treatment for both fibromyalgia & disc bulge in L3,L4 & L4,L5. I had to takes injections throughout my back, neck, chest, hands and legs. I felt so light and free for 1 week post-treatment. Now I feel burning pain near my neck, head, hip region and legs. It is worse than before. I ham on complete rest for the past 2 months. Does ozone really work??? what is happening in my case?? Experts please help
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Hey falaada,
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry about your suffering! But do not despair. It might be the Herxheimer
response. Detoxification comes with a Healing Phase that brings about  temporarily worsening symptoms. (Detoxing of spirochetes  or other pathogens and toxins)
In the event of a pathogenic Mycoplasma infection or co-infection present in the body-extremely common with fibro-most invasive procedures such as injections may trigger an awakening and activation of these pathogens.
To be certain you have to find a specialist in these infectious conditions
for the specific testing and dx. Available treatment though, is only effective
when your own immune system is strong enough to kill the pathogenic mycoplasma. (Antibiotics do not have bactericidal action on these, only bacteriostatic, giving time to the immune system to find them and get rid of them!)
I am surprised that you were subjected to all those injections, considering  your medical history.
There are many other non-invasive methods to get the benefits of ozone therapy.
Hope this helps. Post again if you need more info.
My advice does not constitute professional consultation.
Take care,
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I need your knowledge. I just got back from the dr. And found out after 7mos. on Clindamycin that the Lymes and Babesia are cleared but the Mycoplasma is not.
How do we kill these suckers? I understand they are Spirochetes and how they mimic the cellular structure in our system, organs etc.
With their stealth behavior how does one deplete their existence?
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Thanks Nik.. The specialist who had given me ozone treatment called me up. He exactly said what you had commented. He said it is "the healing phase" and told me not to stop my medicines.
But I have a hard time with this burning pain. I have lost my sleep and haven't slept since yesterday. Is it advisable to go for a back & neck massage? Would it give me any relief, or harm me by any chance? Because I understand that this is something that I SHOULD undergo quietly, as it is healing my body.
I guess I should be safe from any of those infections!!!
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I'm writing to just ease your mind until you and I hear back from Nik.
Do not let the fact that I have a stubborn Mycoplasma make you fearful for your own health with such pathogens.
My immune system had been compromised at the time of infection by the fact I was infected by a tick or ticks hearty with Lyme, EBV,Mycoplasma, and Babesia which it suddenly had to battle all at once. I had stress issues and an Autoimmune illness on the sideline.
Wait to hear from Nik before getting a massage. From what I know it can release toxins which is not a bad thing but can add to your discomfort.
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Hey falaada,
Please see my reply yesterday about pain in this section.
Note: When using Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) from the neck and up
it has to be 10% DMSO and 90% distilled or filtered water.
There are too many lipids there and DMSO being a strong driver and solvent,has to be diluted as above. Lab grade is best,if available to you.
The DMSO must be applied to a very clean area and with one light application-not rubbing- using a piece of gauze or Q-tip. You may repeat
2-3 times daily.

Since I do not know what type of massage you are getting, I would say subtle Aromatherapy massage combined with Lymphatic massage would be best suited, to my opinion. Should your therapist be knowledgeable with Chakras , then you would have the added benefit of Energy re-balancing.
I would avoid deep tissue, Shiatzu and Swedish for the time being.

My update: Second day of "pleuritis"(self-diagnosed) with substantially less pain and much easier to breathe.
I continue to apply DMSO, did self-hypnosis last night, used a lot of ginger
and spices in my cooking and life today is BETTER !
Checked all my Chakras and were all balanced!
Back to my old healthy ways again, I guess. At work it was a breeze!
I'm very grateful and thankful for this.

As far as these pathogenic infections or co-infections, they may have to do with your Fibromyalgia as a possible underlying cause. This is regarding the chronic aspect of FMS and whether it is progressive or not.
Please take your time to research on your own, read the various posts here
and after if you have any questions please let me know.
Take care,
P.S. If you go for subtle Aromatherapy massage, make sure the essential oils used are pure or Organic.

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Hey Gail.
You are on the right track.
Your perseverance will pay dividends soon.
After 7 months of being on Clindamycin, it might be wise to
stay away from any treatments, for a while.
The body needs to recover from the effects of the antibiotics and
an antifungal approach -diet  and supplementation- will make a big difference. Ultimately a strict anti-candida protocol would be ideal, but difficult to adhere to. It is a personal decision.
There are yeast metabolites that are directly and indirectly affecting your immune system. I don't need to expand on how this takes place.
The end result is that there are metabolic consequences, impaired glucose conversion and waste products from biochemical reactions that are messing things up creating toxicity and dysfunction.
Back in the summer we did talk about the suggested treatment for Pathogenic Mycoplasmas according to immed and Dr. Nicolson.
If you were to consider it< I would suggest that you wait till your immune system is much stronger. With the anti-candida program, it will receive a
much needed boost. A
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Sorry, hit the enter key by accident.
Have you done any cleansing or detox-specially heavy metals?
If not it may be good to schedule it in the near future.
Mycoplasmas are nasty little micro-organisms that stick around forever, it seems,using our cells' DNA and membrane (sterols from the membrane's cholesterol for energy) to hide, feed, grow and expand
so we have to outsmart them. They do exploit weak parts and systems of the body, so all "holes" have to plugged.
It is a bottom-up approach, cell by cell, system by system.
Any deficiencies would have to be addressed as well.
Once the immune system is strengthened it will be much easier and faster to get rid of the mycoplasma. Do you know if it is the incognitus/fermentans type, in your case?
There are also some suggested specific holistic treatments available.
  Lesley Taylor N.D. has one that I may have already mentioned to you.
Just do a search  if you want.
So check with your Doctor, find out what he thinks about all this.
If you have any questions contact me anytime.
Take care,

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Thank you, I had gone to immed as you suggested and brought the info to my dr.
He is an odd egg and while he acknowledged Nicholson's work, he had his own mind in treating my four tick diseases. The mycoplasma is Pneumonaie. I've begged three different dr's. To test for the possibility of others with a Mycoplasma panel, they all said the results won't matter, they are treated the same. I just know when I am weak, lol all the time, my lung wall burns along with my skin.....classic.
I'd still be on ABX if I hadn't gone to a Lyme Neurologist to address my pain and physical problems. The first dr. wore Lyme blinders, where in actuality, what he said was Lyme symptoms were tangible symptoms the Neuro found to be caused by other reasons, not Lymes.
I started Three Lac along with Diflucan and a carb restricted diet. I'm much less symptomatic now, yet slacking on the regimen.

Thank you for remembering me and today's help.
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Based on your experience,is it advisable to undergo Ozone Therapy?

As I am to suffering from disk prolapse in neck and considering Ozone Therapy as all the other conservative methods have failed.

Pls advice.


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